things that make you go hmm.

I just want to let you all know I'm writing this post with an open mind. An open mind. OPEN MIND.

Sometimes I have to say it a couple times before it actually happens...

Now that my mind is open I can adequately analyze these photos and render my clear, concise, and nonjudgmental opinion. But let's leave the bullshit at the door and get right down to it. I think these photos are Ok. Some of the photos I like a lot, and some of them are typical. Typical is not what I was expecting to feel. They don't blow me away, but the also don't leave me wanting to slap someone. I'm sticking to my initial opinion, she still looks awkward and more Grace Jones-ish than before, only after seeing all the photos from the supplement I'm now left feeling...weird for lack of a better word. Think about it: she's pretty much the love child of women like Kelis, Grace Jones, Madonna, and Courtney Love. I'd also say Fefe Dobson for the sake of being obvious, but Rihanna has surpassed Fefe level.

Rihanna may be a culmination of all the bad ass vixen fire cracker women entertainers of the last 20 years, but she lacks one thing: IT. Grace Jones woulda tore this editorial up, down, ate it, spit it back out, and served it to us on a plate of fire. These pictures may remind me of Grace Jones, but Rihanna lacks the one thing Grace, Madge, Kelis, and Courtney have: INHIBITION. It just seems like she's putting on a show...like the tough girl who talks a good game but ain't about shit. Or maybe I'm wrong... [rihannadaily]

PS. Digging the big. That is all.

i still don't get it...

I'm not one for posting gossip, but I do post my biased opinion on just about EVERYTHING, and this is no exception. For the back story, everyone's favorite bisexual and Kanye's best piece of arm candy Amber Rose hosted the TAO beach party in Vegas this weekend. End backstory.

This weekend I had an intense conversation with my friend (who happens to be male) about Amber Rose and her prospects for being a model in the general form. He believes because she's attached to Kanye West, it's more than possible, almost a damn near guarantee she'll be successful as a runway/editorial model. And not just any type of modeling mind you...Homie believes it'll be high fashion. I'm talking the Chanel, YSL, Lanvin type of high fashion. NO MAS! My opinion was the exact opposite. Of course Amber Rose will be no where NEAR a high fashion runway, and in my mind isn't going to be anywhere near a Vogue/Harper's Baazar/Elle/Marie Claire any time soon either. Because I'm a card carrying member of the "Amber Rose is a Bad Bitch" fan club, I'm holding out for her to maybe show up in some indie-ish mags a la V, W, Flair, or Pop.

But let's be honest for one moment. When you see women like Chanel Iman and Sasha Pivovarova (who together still weigh less than the average American) in several editorials a month, and Lara Stone who is probably the largest woman on a runway reigning in at 5' 10" and a US size 6...is there seriously any room for the likes of Amber Rose. Is the fashion world willing and wanting to open their arms to her? And if by some miracle in heaven they happened to allow her on a runway, in an editorial, should we then just chalk it up to Kanye West's power? [pictures via theybf]

PS. Dear Amber, Please do not ever wear ice blue contacts. You look demonic, and possessed. Besides those obvious facts, it takes away from your beauty and makes you look like a reformed stripper...O wait...you are a reformed stripper.

PPS. And please work on your poses, I'm pretty sure we'd never see poses like that in Vogue, now would we?

learn something everyday.

I drink Snapple daily. I don't drink Snapple because it's refreshing and nutritious, I drink it because under each bottle cap is a "Real Fact". These fact can range anywhere from weird to awesome, but I rely on them to be there every time I crack open a Snapple. Manchester based Young Designs has launched a doodle project that reminds me a lot of my Snapple facts. People submit little obscure facts that are then doodled and put on the website Learn Something Everyday. Some of the facts made laugh (Shakespeare was dyslexic) and some made me think (one cigarette takes 5 minutes of a life), but all of them will make you a bit smarter than you were minutes ago.

PS. How ironic that the bible is the most shoplifted book? LMAO!


kim? is that you?

Well look who's gone all "Princess of Darkness" on us! Kim Kardashian is on the cover of YRB magazine looking very...well...dark. It took me a good minute to recognize her! For lack of better descriptive words, I guess she's stretching her creative fingers in the way people look at her. Although there are many snide snarky comments I could make about Kim Kardashian and how I'm STILL not sure why exactly she's famous, I'll stop there and hold my tongue (just so you know this is VERY hard). But I will say this: I think the editorial is kind of fabulous. She looks great, the clothes are amazing, and it's nice to see her trying something other than the whole LA barbie doll look. That's the last nice thing I'll say about her...[thelipstickdiaries]


Fashionista does this thing called 'Adventures in Copyright' where they find knock off versions of designer shoes. I'm not entirely sure if this is to put the knockoff's on some sort of blast and try to discourage people from purchasing them in an effort to keep the designer shoes exclusive, but in my frugal mind, I'd be more likely to run and purchase the fakes.

What? you see the title of this blog...

Being that I get super giddy and obsessive over shoes, on my last visit to affordable shoe creator Steve Madden I spotted some of my own knockoff's. Steve is NOTORIOUS for recreating designer shoes and making them semi affordable for everyone to wear. Remember when Manolo Blahnik created those Timberland heeled booties JLo use to be seen in, and then within a month Steve Madden had a version everyone use to call the Man-No-No's? Perfect example.

Well this season Steve has decided to knockoff two pairs of shoes I will shamelessly be adding to my internet bag very soon. The Alexander McQeen Motorcycle Jacket bootie, and YSL's Aliama pump. Both of the designer versions will run you $600 and up while Steve Madden only charges about $129 - $159. Plus, if you sign up for Steve's random emails you can get in on some major sales only available if you shop online.

So which is it? The real or the fake?

never can say goodbye.

Just wanted to take a second to say Happy Birthday to Michael Jackson the greatest entertainer of all time. He would have been 51. It's still a little hard for me to listen to his music, makes me an emotional wreck, but today I took about 2 hours to listen to his music and rock out with my imaginary cock out. Above is my favorite MJ song/video. I don't care what anyone says, no one can and ever will hold a candle to this man. Ever. I use to be in total awe of his music videos at a very young age, Smooth Criminal was the first one I tried and successfully failed at learning all the dance moves to. Haha! Enjoy!


can you feel it?

Here are more photos from iD Magazine's September 2009 issue featuring the "Pretty Young Things" Chanel, Sessilee, Jourdan, and Arlenis. I recently posted the cover, you can check that out here. I guess their going for the whole 'playful' vibe with the models, although Sessilee still can't help but to give a fierce face. I guess playful isn't in her vocabulary. Is it just me or does Arlenis look so innocent in ever picture she takes. She's got that fresh faced, "around the way girl" look on point. By the way, I'm laughing profusely at Chanel Iman's first picture. She looks like a small child LOL... This is a HUGE editorial, so if you're interested in seeing all the pictures check out modelcouture[via tfs]

PS. They have shot the shit out of those Nina Ricci platform heel-less boots. Their EVERYWHERE! I've seen them in at least 24058305830 editorials over the last year. Yes, that many...

r.i.p. dj am.

As far as deaths go, the last couple of years have been punching everyone below the belt with the passing of many iconic and well known celebrities. After a long day out riding bikes and enjoying the weather, I came home to find out Adam Goldstein aka DJ AM had passed away this morning of a accidental drug overdose in his home. Aside from his music, DJ AM was known for dating the likes of Nicole Richie and Mandy Moore, and more recently for being involved in a near fatal plane crash with Blink 182's Travis Barker.

It's extremely sad to see anyone die, but I think this is hitting home for me because he was so young and this was so sudden. Before the deaths of AM, Michael Jackson, and Heath Ledger, I'd never thought of life as fragile. My Grandma use to tell me that death was something that will inevitably happen, but I'd always thought it happened when you were older, not this young. May sound naive, but I like to think I've got many great years ahead of me. Although this is true, the time we have on earth is never guaranteed or known to any of us. No one knows when the party is over. Life is indeed fragile. I don't mean to sound morbid or depressing, but I think it's important for all of us to enjoy everyday we breath, and live each day as if it were our last because you never know when it's the end.


remember daniel vosovic?

I use to be a religious Project Runway viewer, that is until the show got snatched from its rightful home at Bravo and got stuck in between Lifetime Original Movies and commercials for Mom Jeans. Does anyone remember Daniel Vosovic, the mop head skinny New Yorker from a couple seasons back. I so desperately wanted him to win it all, and he almost did, he got as far as Bryant Park and then POOF. Nothing...

Well it's been 4 years since his run on the runway (yea, I can't believe it's been 4 years either!) and Daniel has been off that evil reality television "15 minutes of fame" boat, and landed safely on a little island I like to call real life. He's been busy making his own money to start his label, some of which was won when he recently won Project Runway: All-Star Challenge. Premiering his clothing line with an 8 look capsule collection for Spring, Vosovic claims one of his biggest influences being athleticism, having been inspired after picking up gymnastics again after 12 years. I'm so glad he's back! [refinery 29]

never fails.

Givenchy + Nicholas Kirkwood = Brilliance!
The past few weeks have been a bit rough for me when it comes to technology. Places like Twitter and Facebook, which were once apart of my daily routine, have now gotten on my nerves so much, I'm thinking very hard about ex communicating myself from both social crack sites. Almost two weeks ago my beloved Macbook Steve crashed, leaving me without a computer, and with a big headache. Being that Apple is the Jesus Christ of all computers, I find it appalling that they fall apart after barely two years of use. PC's last WAY longer than that. They had to completely trash my hard drive, so along with pictures and music, all my writing from the past two years, including some essays I was working on, was lost in the sauce. All that work gone, because technology decided to just stop working.

My hatred for everything tech does not stop there. I'm hating EVERYTHING. Photoshop won't save my files, then photobucket is almost exceeding it's bandwith, blah blah blah. Man I'm fed up. We depend so much on our cell phones, laptops, and the like when any day of the week that technology could wake up and give us a big F. U. When my laptop died, I thought I was going to die. I didn't know what to do with myself without the distraction of my blog, Twitter, SurftheChannel, or Facebook. I was bored out of my mind. And that's SAD. I think I've had enough of technologies fickle mindedness. I'm going to be weening myself away from the internet a little more everyday. It's necessary...

When my laptop dies for sure any day now, I'm taking it to the nearest Apple employee and slapping them with the remaining carcass after I smash it to death on my sidewalk (I'm angry, sorry). There is no way in HELL these computers should be so damn expensive and f_ck up so easily. Come on now.

sephora by OPI: limited edition matte nail colour.

(Once upon a time I had pictures up here from another blog who sampled the three polishes above, but using them infrigined on her copyright - even though linked back to where I got them. If you'd like to see what these look like you can easily find results via google. With that being said, if I ever use an image that is infringing on any more copyrights, my email is to the left. It's not in my comment box. Thanks)

In the last couple of years nail care has become quite popular. Where shiny, long, and acrylic was the way to go once upon a time, this has now been replaced by short, neat, matte nails. I tried matte nails at the beginning of the summer when I finally decided to give up the acrylic crack (there's a reason acrylic powder is white). My first trip to the land of matte wasn't a sweet one, the Zoya brand I was using began to chipped after just 2 days. After that I gave up. No way I was painting my nails every 2 days, that's too damn much.

Today via nitro:licious, I learned that OPI's Sephora collection contained three limited edition matte nail colors. I love Sephora by OPI, it's kind of my go to brand, just because the polish lasts SO LONG. I used the grey/purpleish color Metro Chic awhile ago (check it out here), and literally didn't have to repaint my nails for at least 3 weeks. Because of my decent track record with the Sephora collection, I'm very interested to see how these matte colors are going to work out.

I know $9 for nail polish may seem like a lot, especially when Forever Crackhouse is selling similar items for only $2.80, but a good nail polish is a good investment. Or at least that's what I like to tell myself... [nitro:licious]

i will always love you...

The biggest girl crush of my 23 years of life has been on the Olsen twins. I SERIOUSLY love the Olsen twins. A lot. Sometimes I like to think we grew up together, it's just that instead of playing with me in the preschool sand box, they were inside my television as Michelle Tanner. They've grown up to become so stylish and smart women; so smart in fact, they've created two brands, The Row and Elizabeth & James, that are widely successful, even though just looking at the clothes costs more than what's in my bank account right now.

Ashley is my favorite. Although sometimes Mary Kate surprises me and doesn't look like she rolled out of bed in the back alley of some dirty club, Ashley and I are destined to be besties (and I say that, not as a stalker, but as a fan). In the face of tremendous pressure, the twins have grown to be such exceptional women. The exude confidence and cool. Most celebrities have a way of being TOO noticeable by being everywhere at once. You get sick of seeing them. But there's just something about these girls I can't seem to get enough of, maybe it's the fact that aside from the paparazzi basically stalking them, or a fashion show/event here or there, you rarely see them in front of a camera.

Right now I'm working on that thing I call the Olsen Smirk, where they stare down the camera, suck in their cheeks, and purse their lips. If you look at pictures of them long enough, you'll see it...Makes me laugh every time.


there you go looking like grace jones again...

Here's Rihanna on a supplement cover of Italian Vogue reminding me A LOT of Grace Jones. Does anyone else get that vibe at all? I'm not sure if I like the cover yet. Although many first reactions have been something along the lines of "fierce" and "fiyah!" and "fabulous", I'm not sure I can put my reaction in any one of those categories. She looks good, but it just seems a bit...well...awkward. But I guess this is the best you get once someone leaks nude pictures of you while the Queen of all things fashion, Anna Wintour, decides what cover you're to be on. Can you imagine the shit show that would have ensued if Rihanna was on the cover of American Vogue. Yikes...

huge magazine/october 2009.

Love black and white photos. love this photography. love the clothing (Balmain Homme by the way). LOVE Ash Stymest's HAIR. Is it bad that the first thing I noticed was his impeccable locks? Is that weird? No? Ok...[thefashionisto]

german pancakes/the funnel cake of my dreams.

Just found this amazing recipe for German pancakes. Yes, I didn't know pancakes had a nationality either! Also called the Dutch Baby Pancake, this is a sweet breakfast dish similar to Yorkshire pudding, (which, to my understanding, is normally savory not sweet). It's made with flour, sugar, heavy cream and topped with fruit, sugar or cinnamon. I like to think of it as a funnel cake on crack. You can find the recipe HERE. [thibeault's table]

What? Don't look at me like that...


i really don't like you...

Here's more looks from the Dimepiece x Cassie collaboration. I love Dimepiece and I will continue to buy their products from here to infinity, but Cassie annoys the shit out of me. I'm sorry, I couldn't hold my tongue any longer. She gets under my skin, and I have no idea why. It's something else other than her voice that just irks the shit out of me, something I can't quite put my finger on. Is it the hair? The new 'edgy' look right before the release of her album creating hype and hoping the hype will equal skyrocketing album sales (which reminds me of Rihanna's Good Girl Gone Bad transformation)? Is it because she's involved with Bad Boy and I equate that as the label artists go to, to die? Is it because in my gut I feel like she just tries so damn hard to be 'it'. Maybe it's a combination of all those things, but in the words of Mr. Unforgivable: "I don't like you!"

And another thing, is anyone other than myself noticing how women's street wear brands are taking to celebrity endorsed/designed lines? It's fascinating that the minute Teyana Taylor becomes the face of MOB for this season, it's on ALL the major black blogs, and the second Cassie collaborates with Dimepiece the label (or rather Cassie THEN the label) ends up on not all the black blogs, but The Cut AND People magazine does an exclusive interview with the artist (and I use that in it's lightest form). I've never seen these labels on anything more than street wear related fashion blogs and the occasional magazine editorial a la Missbehave (RIP). Do we equate these endorsements and collaborations as a way for the labels to get their name in the media or something else? I personally love things that have that "I'm anything but mainstream" edge. Street wear use to be anything but mainstream to me, and that's what gave it it's charm, but now it's getting to be over exposed. Come Fall, with the help of Teyana Taylor and Cassie everyone will be draped in MOB and Dimepiece. I.will.not...

PS. This may not go over well with some, but who gives a shit. People are so quick to jump on bandwagons and not develop their own feelings about a product or a person. I have an opinion. Please deal with that...

PPS. Cassie said she made her hair cut mainstream in the People magazine interview. I just want to open hand slap all the girls that went out and did this after Cassie to make her feel this way (*cough Lala cough*) We the people give a resounding: NOOOOOOOOOOO [Alice Dellal, Kelis, JDavey, and Kesh come slap this chick]..

Ok. I will be purchasing that sweat shirt, and Uncle Karl tee post haste...

mom look what i can do!

I wish I was creative enough to even have the thought to do this. Just the idea alone would solidify my creative coolness, but the fact remains that I didn't come up with this, an artist by the name of David Brownings from Bristol cooked up these masterpieces. It's pretty amazing that these shoes are indeed made of paper. And not some hoity toity paper either, just the regular stuff. See, you can turn just about anything into art. [thedonutproject]

marilyn & kate.


i am eleven.

I just saw the trailer to this amazing documentary entitled I Am Eleven directed by Genevieve Bailey who explores the opinions of eleven year olds all over the world on personal and global issues ranging from hormones to terrorism. The age of eleven is still looked at as being a child (well, at least in my eyes they are), yet many of these said children have such profound and opinionated views on very heavy topics of conversation not always meant for their ears. Check it out... [LOUDreams]


I love me some Liza Minnelli! I am a closet theater freak (hence the title...look it up) and Liza is like the Madonna of theater. Plus she's super dramatic and the way she enunciates her words makes me giggle. In the September issue of French Vogue, the magazine pays tribute to Liza Minnelli and her role as Lucille Austero on the late great TV show 'Arrested Development'. The spread was shot by Bruce Weber and impersonating Liza is Sasha Pivovarova. She looks great, don't get me wrong, but what an interesting choice of model...[cartoonstyles]


The short version: Read this in a book. So awesome. So true.

fiona paxton

Dear Ms. Paxton,

I'm not Rihanna or Paris Hilton or any of the other countless starlets and socialites that have been seen in magazine and paparazzi photos with your beaded confections draped around their pretty necks. I am a poor broke college student who knows a good thing when I see it. Could you please mail me one of your necklaces, (perhaps the white, pink, and yellow?) and in exchange I will do shameless promotion of your amazing product daily. If this sounds like a plan please let me know via the normal means of communication....carrier owl (sorry, I just got through watching Harry Potter for the 4th time).


i have a problem.

And no it isn't a drinking problem, it's the fact that every time I even think of shopping for something specific I ALWAYS end up with shoes. It's like I could care less about all these fantastic clothes around me, nothing lights up my eyes like a new pair of shoes. This probably seems a bit melodramatic, but its serious. I'm almost to a place where all the shoe related websites in my web cache need to be erased, but like a true fiend I can't bring myself to do it. Sad...

psychedelic dreamscapes.

No you aren't high. Yes, the artwork is whimsical and awesome.

The artist, Allison Torneros is perhaps what some would call a prodigy, being that she learned to draw at the age of 2, and built her first website at 11 years of age, but we aren't going to call her that. I'd like to think of her as more of a genius than anything. Born in 1985 (meaning she's my age and smarter than me) Allison is a Bay area artist who is now based in the sunny city of Los Angeles.

Quite possibly the coolest thing about Allison (aside from the whole building a website at 11 thing), is the way she goes about creating her art. Never having a precise or clear vision of what her painting will become, Allison normally begins by throwing paint and other materials around a canvas letting it dry overnight and then coming back to draw what she see's and feels rather than having a solid plan. Everything about her work is spontaneous and random. She feels first, then executes.


Chanel, Sessilee, Jourdan, and Arlenis for iD Magazine September 2009. Not sure what's up with the uncomfortable winking or the irony of the graffiti backdrop, but photographer Emma Summerton did a great job, this looks more like a candid than a full on "smiling with your eyes" Tyra Banks top model moment. Chanel and Sessilee look like, well...models, while Jourdan and Arlenis look like girls you grew up with. I'm loving that...and the make up! [tfs]

generational gap?

Not to sound all Carrie Bradshaw-ish, but today I got to thinking about my generation and the ones that proceed it. We as a collective group of young people don't look to the older and much wiser for information and advice anymore. There's this whole generation of people who have lived through what we're all living through right now, yet we never seem to tap into that over flowing well of information.

In this day and age when Google can teach you how to make cupcakes or play a guitar, and Twitter/Facebook/Myspace is the go to place for info on what's going on in the world, people tend to get lost between what's real and what isn't. Is the advice of those older much wiser, and with more experience still sought after?

If that makes any sense at all. I tend to ramble. [deCO.ltd]

evidence of my sick imagination: america the gift shop.

I'm fully aware that I have a unique sense of humor only shared by individuals who don't take themselves seriously and use sarcasm as much as they use toilet paper. There aren't very many of us around so my jokes and snide remarks about everything tend to fall on deaf ears and are normally met with a stank eye. I saw these pictures awhile ago, they were shot by photographer Phillip Toledano back in 2008 who had the most awesome concept ever: If America was a gift shop what would it sell?

Just so we're all on the same cultural page, these pictures were in response to the alleged ill treatment of prisoners in places like Guatanamo Bay. Now that the history lesson is over, lets get back at the hilarity at hand: how awesome are these shirts? There's so much more where this came from, I would have posted them, but their too sordid, and I didn't want to scare anyone into thinking I was a total lunatic, so if you've got a good personality, need a chuckle or two, and actually understand the art of sarcasm, take a look at Phillip's portfolio.


drew? is that you?

It took me a second to realize that is in fact Drew Barrymore on the cover of Pop Magazine #10. Dayyyymmmnnn gurl, you look good!
Photography by Mert & Marcus [trend.land]

i heart ronson for jcpenney: fall 2009

Department store JCPenney, known as the go to destination for the fans of Mom jeans, is getting hip to the collaboration game and targeting the trendier crowd by teaming up with designer Charlotte Ronson to bring you "flirty and feminine fashion at an affordable price". Available beginning in February the line consists of lots of florals, patterns, and separates that will perfectly fit into any wardrobe. It's quite possible to have something for everyone, even if that something is knee high socks lol. Happy shopping!

spotted: house of holland graduate tights.

I can always count on Henry Holland from House of Holland to create fun colorful items I always manage spending too much money on. I spotted these tights in black, white, and cream over at My Tights, but before I paid the affordable price of $14.00, I wanted to see them in the other colors (there isn't a preview on the website). Thanks to cuteness of Susie over at Style Bubble, I got to see the blue and purple in action.

high class shit by alexander mcqueen.

I'm currently obsessing over Alexander McQueen's obvious fascination with skulls. His accessories are draped in them, making what once was a grunge, punk, and metal head staple high fashion. So dark and lovely...

cassie x dimepiece: first look A/W campaign.

It's such a good thing I don't ever sleep, and stay glued to my computer because otherwise I wouldn't be one of the first bloggers to bring you what I'm guessing is part of the final product for Dimepiece Designs Autumn/Winter campaign featuring Cassie. And to think the thanks for leaking these photos goes to Diddy (let that marinate for a moment). Although I'm not a huge fan of Cassie's music, I do think she's a stunning woman (those eyebrows are a bit dangerous though), and her beauty is evident in these photos, along with Dimepiece's ability to create thought provoking garments. Can't wait to see the entire thing...

jeremy scott x opening ceremony: troll or dare.

Jeremy Scott never fails to amuse me. His designs are forever entertaining, and this is no exception. Although he teamed up with my arch nemesis Opening Ceremony to promote the retailer opening a Tokyo location, I still love him. Forever the clever designer, and never failing to remind us of pop cultures past, these tee's are based on two things we've all been in contact with at least once in our lives: Madonna and Troll Dolls. Themed around the material girls documentary "Truth or Dare" and sporting a scantily clad troll on the front, these tee's will be sold in limited quantities at Opening Ceremony LA and NY. Like all JS gear, get it while it lasts, because once it's gone it's gone forever!

aldo x swarovski: sparkle done right.

Affordable footwear and accessory retailer Aldo has teamed up with Swarovski Crystals to design a collection of sparkly jewels just in time for winter 2009. Items ranging from bangles, necklaces, rings, all the way to headbands will retail from $40 to about $180. I love Aldo for their accessories, I can almost always find something I like that's reasonably priced and incredibly long lasting. I have much better luck buying from there than somewhere like Forever XXI. Every time I buy costume jewelry from XXI it has a way of falling apart before I get it home... [refinery29]


places i need to eat when in nyc: shake shack.

Not sure if anyone knows this about me, but I love grease. I love french fries, fried chicken, and the occasional double cheeseburger from McDonalds. I subscribe to the "A Hamburger Today" newsletter from Serious Eats, and yes, I get super excited every Friday when I find it in the inbox of my email account. My name is Dee and I am fat ass.

Shake Shack
is a New York stable (or so I've been told), Katya told me about this place a couple months ago, and although I've seen their website which showcases some of their famous burgers, nothing has done Shake Shack justice or made me want to eat there more than the above photos from the "A Hamburger Today" newsletter (what? I told you I'm fat).

The Shack Stack consists of two tender grease oozing burgers hugging the hell out of a deep fried portobello mushroom, also known as a "shroom burger", finished off with lettuce tomatoes and Shack Sauce. There probably isn't a need to order fries or a shake with this seeing as the burger is big enough to feed a family, plus I'm not even sure I can wrap my mouth around it, so whenever I get to NYC this will be shared with friends (I'm not THAT fat).

Anyone know anything else awesome about Shake Shack and it's items of greasy glory? Leave it in the comments!

grab that style: alexa chung.

denim top: Topshop/ earrings: Made Her Think/ cuff/bracelet: Monica Vinader/ bag: KMRii/ necklace: Gas'd/
nail polish: Chanel/ leather leggings: Joesph Leather/ shoes: Steve Madden

I recently saw these pictures of MTV host Alexa Chung and decided to see if I could find something similar for myself. I really admire Alexa's style, she's forever quirky, and although some of the things she wears I'd never touch (ahem: socks with sandals), those things always seem to work in her favor. That, my friends, is the beauty of personal style, to be able to wear clothing in a way no one else would think of or even attempt, and to make it all your own.

[pictures via tfs]

vogue hommes japan #3

For the third issue of Vogue Homme Japan, the magazine decided to honor the greatest entertainer alive, Michael Jackson. The cover was shot by Josh Olins and modeled by Keith Hernandez who looks A LOT like MJ in his early days. When I first saw this cover I thought for sure they used a vintage picture of Michael, but I guess not! The magazines is said to be on stands September 10, 2009.

alexander mcqueen pre spring/summer 2010 collection lookbook.

Alexander McQueen always manages to stand out like a sour thumb in the fashion industry. It can sometimes seem like an over saturated market with everyone calling themselves a designer and wanting to create that 'it' item (Not that there's anything wrong with that). Ever the creative chameleon, McQueen is always evolving creatively and never afraid to step it up a bit as far as expectation goes. Although I've seen looks similar to a couple of these photos in his 2010 Resort Collection, overall these pre collection photos are getting me excited that Fashion Week is only a month away.

The very clean sharp lines McQueen has become known for are all throughout these photos as well as color. Great to see cobalt blue, it's such an amazing color I don't think a lot of people wear enough. The paint splattered jeans look like something I'll be doing for my next arts & crafts project. Can't wait for the rest. [via coutequecoute]
Hard work never ends.

how many models do you see?

It's like a big ass party full of models and none of us were invited. I'm not a fan of Gucci (too gaudy), but I had to post this because of all the familiar faces. Lets see, we've got Freja Beha, Anja Rubick, Raquel Zimmerman, Abbey Lee Kershaw, and Natasha Poly. Everyone else doesn't matter I guess lol.


h&m part collection: divided.

I recently posted the preview images for H&M's 2009 party collection (which you can see here), but a mixture of boredom and curiosity lead me to investigate what the retailer had in store for the less expensive, edgier Divided line, and look what I found: A goldmine (literally and figuratively). These shoes are super adorable!

natalie portman: interview magazine september 2009

Interview magazine is my favorite. When I sat down and decided I wanted to write for a magazine (a very fashionable one at that) Vogue was not my top choice like it is for a lot of girls. Although it was in the top 3, the numero uno spot was reserved for the magazine started by the most awesome weirdo in the world, Andy Warhol. Its artsy, edgy, fabulous, and any other glossy synonym that can be used in exchange for the word AWESOME.

Oh, and I also like Natalie Portman. Maybe not as much as Interview, but a lot. [fashioncopious]

style star: brooke.

On a daily basis I find a lot of people who inspire me to try new things with my clothing, but none of them more than Brooke. I'm not sure what it is I like best about her; her clothing or they way she mixes high fashion pieces like Alexander Wang and Marni with low pieces like Levi's and H&M. She completely proves the theory you can take something ordinary and make it awe inspiring. You can see more over on her blog GLAMOROUSECCENTRIC.

san francisco celebrates candyland!

There's this curvy and crooked road in San Francisco called Lombard Street that I've only had the pleasure of driving down once. Only once because it made me car sick (gross, I know). For the 60th Anniversary of the children's board game Candyland, the Lombard got an amazing makeover by being transformed into a sugary playground. You can see pictures of all the children on sugar high's here. [The Donut Project]

lomography diana mini.

I'm in dire need of a new camera. The one I've had for the last 3 years isn't dead yet, nor does it seem to be on it's way, but it's so old. It's like having your favorite shoes, knowing their out of date, but you keep wearing them anyway because you've had them for so long...or something like that. Anyway I've been looking for some fun and interesting cameras to invest in specifically a DSLR and a Lomography camera.

This lomography camera, the Diana mini, is small enough to fit in you hand but powerful enough to take the most amazing pictures (you can see examples here). The Mini can shoot square format or half frame pictures using standard 35mm film, (you can shoot about 72 shots onto one 35mm film) and also has an angle lens that gives you multiple exposure and long term exposure capabilities. [LikeCOOL | Lomagraphy.com]


hedi slimane is a mutherfuggin beast.

Only Hedi Slimane could make Amber Valletta look so amazingly awesome. Well aside from her being, you know, naturally beautiful and all...[nitro:licious]

stussy fall/winter 2009.

Is it really time to go back to school? Really?

If my mind isn't deceiving me that only means one thing: shopping! Probably the best part about getting back into the books, is the new items for your closet you can accumulate with one (or several) good 'Back to School' shopping trips. Legendary street wear brand Stussy shows us a nice selection of basics suitable for the classroom and beyond. Even though some of us may not be hitting the books this Fall we can still shop like we are...Right? [stussydirect]

still brunette.

I still can't get over the fact that Lara Stone has brunette hair. Her editorial in the September issue of Vogue Paris is flawless. It was styled by editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld, and shot by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot. [fashiongonerouge]

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