‎"One day we must ask the question, ‘Why are there forty million poor people in America?’ And when you begin to ask that question, you are raising questions about the economic system, about a broader distribution of wealth. When you ask that question, you begin to question the capitalistic economy. And I’m simply saying that more and more, we’ve got to begin to ask questions about the whole society. We are called upon to help the discouraged beggars in life’s market place. But one day we must come to see that an edifice which produces beggars needs restructuring. It means that questions must be raised. You see, my friends, when you deal with this, you begin to ask the question, ‘Who owns the oil?’ You begin to ask the question, ‘Who owns the iron ore?’ You begin to ask the question, ‘Why is it that people have to pay water bills in a world that is two thirds water?’ These are questions that must be asked.”

-Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.”

i carry my cash in a paper bag.

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Jil Sander forever.
Way to make a paper bag awesome.

looking for stuff.

Looking for a new gig.
Someone please pray for a bitch.



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I was telling my beau a few days ago that I was distraught because nothing of significance had happened to me in 2011. Last year was more of a subtraction of "things" than an addition of them. I took a step back and tried to find other forms of amusement, and in that found that the activity that legitimized me the most (to myself), was this little place on the internet.

I can't promise much, but I can promise that I'm back...

Happy freaking New Years.

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