new sale at cutdrop: lorick for the pink agenda.

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Online pop up boutique Cutdrop is featuring Lorick on their site this week with some outrageous sales to suit your pockets. A portion of the proceeds from the Lorick sale will benefit The Pink Agenda a group dedicated to raising money for breast cancer research and awareness of the disease amongst young professionals. I've already spent my hard earned money on the dresses above, so if you'd like a piece of the action check out the Cutdrop add to your left. And don't feel so bad about spending the money, at least it's for a good cause...Right? [cutdrop]

details in the fabric.

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Sorry I've been a bit M.I.A. sweet readers, but my break was needed. You know how you get so wrapped up in one aspect of life and don't even realize that the other parts are going to shit? Well I've been learning how to balance ALL the parts of my world to make room for everything, but I needed a small break from the interwebs in order for me to get my mind right. If that makes any sense at all....

Anyway I'm back, and with me being back in the loop, I decided to post this picture of one of my favorite bloggers Caroline and the details of an outfit of her's she recently posted. Details are very important to me, especially because my daily wardrobe consists of jeans and tee's. To make up for the lazy outfits I like to add massive amounts of odd jewelry and other little pieces that make what I'm wearing a bit more interesting.

That YSL ring is ridic...[carolinesmode]


minimarket ss 2010 lookbook.

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I love minimarket. A lot. I've already posted their Spring 2010 accessories, and here's a look at their amazing lookbook. Sweden has some of the most inspiring and simplistic designers in the entire world, and it doesn't hurt that everyone from that spot on the planet is stunning. No, seriously stunning. I don't think I've seen a unattractive human being from that place. Ever...


dieppa restrepo.

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I've had a deep affinity for menswear and androgyny for as long as I can remember, and even before it became something cool to do I've always been more inclined to gush over the shoes my brother and father would buy than the ones available to me as a woman. Although I love a good heel, nothing beats a comfortable pair of flats, especially if their as wonderful as Dieppa Restrepo.

I bought a pair of tan and black patent oxfords from the unisex shoe brand last year, and they've quickly become a favorite of mine. During the summer and fall months I wore them so much I had to get the soles fixed up. I can say from first hand experience their comfortable and semi affordable. Plus if you don't like any of their pre-made selections you have the unique option to customize your own pair of lace ups. Check out the brand new pair I just created and then go purchase your own. You won't regret it, I swear!


os gemeos.

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Graffiti artists + identical twin brothers x genius concepts = Os Gêmeos. Freaking amazing! [lostart]


the daily figure.

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I check this website, The Daily Figure, by artist Kyle Webster pretty frequently, but have never got around to posting his work. So since sharing is caring, here are some of his free hand drawings including his Michael Jackson tribute, which also happens to be one of my favorites. His work can be seen in magazines and newspapers like the NY Times, Entertainment Weekly, and the New Yorker. [thedailyfigure]


topshop christmas lookbook.

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It's not even Halloween yet, and already people are getting ready for the holiday season. This including Topshop, who continues to set the bar very high for other inexpensive (cough) retailers. I try to snag a few things from Topshop per season, only because 1) if I shopped there like I really wanted, I'd be living in a box, and 2) it's really hard NOT too. Christmas is no exception, the bedazzled blazers, and especially that denim is at the top of my wish list.


sandra backlund.

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Since Mother Earth decided to all together skip my favorite season (ahem FALL), I've been forced to bring my good ol' coat out from retirement early, seeing as it's ONLY going to get no higher than 45 degrees where I live. Although the thought of winter and all the cold, snow, and sleet it's that comes with it bring makes my stomach hurt worse than that one time I ate 4 chili dogs in one setting (ugh), this knitwear a la the goddess that is Sandra Backlund sure makes the thought of cold weather bearable.

Completely perfect. [sandra.backlund]


proenza schouler spring 2010 shoes.

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I've already expressed my intense fascination for all things having to do with Proenza Schouler, so this post shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. I'm in love with the brand. The above picture is a huge reason why, forever innovative with their shoe designs and always pushing the limit of what is perceived to be fashionable. I've got a year to save up some dough! [obsessed]

facebook is ballin!

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Facebook, which I also like to refer to as: Stalkerbook, and Crackbook, has given us a look in their brand new office in Palo Alto California designed by San Francisco based Studio O+A. I thought Google had the best offices in the world, but Facebook seems to be giving them a run for their money. I'll take skylights, open spaces, turn tables, and skateboard ramps any day! More photos over at --->[archdaily]


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This is just about the most entertaining editorial I've seen in a long time. Full of color and texture, it's basically Ashish on crack. I love it when I can point out runway looks in editorials, it's like finding Waldo. The editorial is from online magazine Fashion156, something I discovered a couple of days ago. For more visual orgasms check the site out here --> [fashion156]


jesus totally loves me.

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The Lord is smiling upon us my friends!

Not that he doesn't smile and all every other day, but today is extra special because the God of retail therapy placed this tiny gem in my inbox. LF has teamed up with affordable shoe brand Jeffrey Campbell to answer my prayers of creating a shoe that I cannot afford at it's regular retail price. They together have created alternative designs for the Acne Atacoma Wedge and my favorite shoe of this season, Burberry Prorsum lace up ankle boot.

If you read this blog on a semi regular basis, you'll understand my excitement. I've posted about these shoes: here. here. here. and and another pair of Prorsum booties here. See? That's a lot of love! Please believe I will be getting those Burberry alternatives. No word on a release date or pricing, but when I find more information I'll tweet about it.


my dad reads your blog.

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Today I was having a moment to my self, checking up on my favorite blogs while guzzling a cup of coffee in anticipation for another long day, when my Dad came up behind me and asked what I was reading. With my eyes glazed over, I mumbled that I was reading Street Etiquette, the blog founded by two Bronx natives Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs. Since my father is better cultured and way cooler than I will ever be, he knew exactly who I was talking about. Why? Because he reads the same blog before reading the Huffington Post everyday. Typical.

Why does this not surprise me? LOL

Photography and video by the super talented Tone.


daryl k.

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Over the past few weeks there's been an ongoing tug of war between those in the fashion industry live for the ultra thin model and the ones that appreciate those of us who actually look normal. Designer Daryl Kerrigan seems to be one of those designers who embrace women in their natural state. For her Spring 2010 RTW look book she decided to promote the type of women who would actually wear her clothing, thus casting non models to wear her collection, sending out the message that even though we all aren't 5' 10" and a size 2 we can still be beautiful.

Making the ultimate come up since the brands inception in 1991, the Daryl K woman is the tattooed, the bold, and the brazen woman that isn't always embraced in fashion. She's the downtown chick with a bit of attitude, the type to tell you how she feels when she feels it, and doesn't take shit from anyone, a aesthetic you can see in Daryl K clothing.

If you happen to be in the New York area stop by Daryl K's Bond street boutique, and grab something for me. Anything will do! If you aren't you can still connect with the label through the wonders of the internet Facebook & Twitter.

Daryl K.
21 Bond Street
New York, NY 10012
(212) 529-8790

I'm in deep obsession right now with fuchsia dress. OMGAWWDDD

the boys wanna be her.

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New Faces by Thierry Le Gouès for French Revue De Modes reminds me of the Peaches song 'The Boys Wanna be Her'. Peaches is one of those artists that paints a pictures of pretty women in their rawest state. She's also on my iPod in heavy rotation. Needless to say. I love her. [fashiongonerogue]


dear anna dello russo.

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Hi Anna!

Look, I know you probably get this all the time, but I really like you. You're one of those people I can't ever seem to peel my eyes away from because your sense of style is so refreshing, so unique, so...not of this world. I'm sure that looking your best comes with the territory of being the editor of Japanese Vogue and has afforded you all kinds of luxuries, namely your closet consisting of 4,000 pairs of shoes, but Anna I've got to take a moment and be honest with you. I'm just going to come right out and say it: HOW OLD ARE YOU?! Seriously. I love to look at you, because I never really know what I'm going to get. Is it the Anna who is prim, pristine and looks like a fashionable 40 year old? Is it you looking better in Emilio Pucci than I ever will? Or is it the Anna in a blue sequined Balmain dress looking like a mom playing dress up? See, you never really know. Maybe if I had an idea of how old you were I could stop obsessing about it and just enjoy...you.

Love Always,

nars celebrates 15 years with a few friends.

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The bain of my existence (in the best way possible) and also my wallets arch nemesis Nar's is celebrating their 15th anniversary by combining two of my favorite things, photography and makeup in their new book 15x15. With portraits of famous friends and inspiration behind their famous beauty products, the makeup impresario François Nars features 15 of his closest pals, the likes of which include Marc Jacobs, Naomi Campbell, Daphne Guinness, and Natasha Poly. Due out in November only 1500 copies of the book will be hand numbered and sold on the anniversary website 15x15project.com. [WWD]

viktor & rolf: spring 2010.

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I'd just like to know who had the genius idea to take a hacksaw to tulle. Because whoever that was is brilliant. Let's not forget my favorite part of fashion, THE SHOES! Like a fishnet stockings for your feet! Absolutely amazing. [coutorture]

you can read?!

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I kid!

I've taken my "block Kanye West" shades off for a moment to post this tiny bit of information I accidentally fell into. The pop star is taking some time off to clear his head and get his mind right, but before he does, he's releasing this book of photography from his Glow in the Dark tour shot by Nabil Elderkin. I'm a nerd at heart, a total freak for books, I happen to love and own lots of them, especially photography books because I'm a total stan for the camera. The book includes around 400 pictures, an interview with collaborator Spike Jonze (who's brilliant by the way), and a CD with unreleased music. The list of goodies goes on, but if you like what you see the book is being released October 20, 2009 at literary retailers for $50.

If you're smart like I am and strapped for cash you can pre-order the book for only $31.50 from Amazon. [kanyeuniversity]


what does this remind me of?

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I have a love/hate relationship with Louis Vuitton. Most of the time I get a kick out of hating that damn monogram everyone and their significant other runs around with, but as of late it's been really hard for me to come up with a sarcastic comment from the inner sanctums of my mind because I'm actually beginning to dig some of their products. Until now...

The Daisy Necklace from LV's Fall 2009 collection reminds me of Christmas. Why, you ask? Well, in my household Christmas involves spiked eggnog, money, and tree decorations, specifically the paper chain garland that wrapped around the tree made from scraps of construction paper lying around our house. It's nice to know that you can pretty much take any idea slap a logo on it, and turn around and sell it for $1050 USD. Good job LV! [ilvoelv]


food for thought: maira kalman.

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Just a little something to think about during the rest of your weekend. [nytimes]

all hail.

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I think we should all take a moment of silence and give thanks to the God of designer shoes for the immaculate creations before you right now. Proenza Schouler is my top three tier of designers that excite me on a regular basis. The second I get something, anything bearing this label, even a scrap of cloth, I will have known I've made it. Seriously. I might even cry...[seaofshoes]


full frontal fashion: an interview with danny roberts.

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Danny Roberts is beyond amazing. I've been having a love affair with his work for a long time, and now that the illustrator is getting more exposure since his work with Gwen Stefani's line Harajuku Lovers, the whole world has seemed to catch on to his brilliance. Including the Sundance Channel's Full Frontal Fashion who recently sat down with the artist to talk inspiration, and his illustrations of looks from the New York Fashion Week Spring 2010 shows. If you love fashion and art give it a look!

live from paris.

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Paris Fashion Week may be over, but the vivid images from the shows and beyond are basically etch-a-sketched in my mind. Here are some of my favorite street style pics, including Liu Wen exiting the shoes, a brand spanking new LV bag not even 24 hours after it's debut, and finally the shoe stylings of Emmanuel Alt, Melanie Huynh, and Julia Von Boehm. [jak&jil]


aldo x teen vogue: diy contest!

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I'm not the DIY sort of girl, simply because most of the things I try create myself turn out to be crap. But one thing I'm totally good at is destroying a good pair of jeans and studding the crap out of bags and other accessories. My sister from another mister KP is GREAT at DIY! She can take just about anything and make it magical, a trait of her's I often envy.

Aldo has teamed up with Teen Vogue to give all you lucky guys and gals the opportunity to collaborate with the shoe retailer on a design for their Fall 2010 collection. All you have to do is take a pair of shoes and personalize them with whatever you want. The top 10 finalists will be picked by a panel of Aldo experts and Teen Vogue staff. The winner will then be chosen by the public. Entry ends October 30th, so get to it dolls!

For more information and some really cool examples check out Aldo's DIY site now!

sweet caroline.

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Caroline is the greatest thing to happen to street style and my beloved Burberry Prosum boots are the best thing to happen to Fall 09 footwear. Perfect! [carolinesmode]

aliens & afros.

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Paris fashion week is my favorite of all the fashion weeks. Not to place anyone on a totem pole or anything, but with Paris you never really know what you're going to get with designers, but you know its got to be good because the best of the best show up and show out. All the luxury brands you can count on your fingers and toes pull the most amazing ideas out of their behinds. Forget the fashion for a moment, and just think about how these designers come up with the concept of their shows. Alexander McQueen a weirdo in his own right, and Mar Jacobs for Louis Vuitton are two of my favorite shows from the Spring 2010 season of Paris Fashion Week. McQueen is probably one of the most innovative designers of our time, never failing to take fashion and turn them into works of art, while LV keeps it fun and engaging. [coutorture]


nike city pack.

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I haven't purchased a pair of sneakers in a really long time. The last pair I bought were the neon yellow Nike Dunks created for NYLON Magazine, and as much as I love them, I haven't been inspired by a pair of kicks since then. This is tragic for a person who loves sneakers about as much as I love Givenchy (that's a lot of love by the way). Nike dropped the City Pack recently at 21 Mercer in New York, paying homage to 4 iconic American cities: Long Beach, Chicago, New York, and my favorite Atlanta. I want! [21Mercer]

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