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I kid!

I've taken my "block Kanye West" shades off for a moment to post this tiny bit of information I accidentally fell into. The pop star is taking some time off to clear his head and get his mind right, but before he does, he's releasing this book of photography from his Glow in the Dark tour shot by Nabil Elderkin. I'm a nerd at heart, a total freak for books, I happen to love and own lots of them, especially photography books because I'm a total stan for the camera. The book includes around 400 pictures, an interview with collaborator Spike Jonze (who's brilliant by the way), and a CD with unreleased music. The list of goodies goes on, but if you like what you see the book is being released October 20, 2009 at literary retailers for $50.

If you're smart like I am and strapped for cash you can pre-order the book for only $31.50 from Amazon. [kanyeuniversity]

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