faded memories by nina sky

I'm totally girl crushing on these chicks.
The song their playing, entitled 'Faded Memories' has gotten me through some pretty tough times.

melody ehsani

Recently I've found myself obsessed over finding theee perfect 2 or 3 finger ring. I already have one, but I want another, and this time I don't want it to set me back financially. Because, to keep it ghetto...'a bitch got bills'.

Enter Melody Ehsani! She's a accessory, and shoe designer, and she's dope. I saw some of her work on Keri Hilson randomly, and ever since then I've been insanely obsessed with owning on of her pieces. A few pictures of my favorites below!

Pow Knuckle Ring 

Focused Necklace (my favorite!)

Swarovski Crystal Bamboo Earrings 
(its like the hood and the suburbs all wrapped in one package lol)

Make sure to visit Melody here!

married to the mob. spring 2k9.

...and I'm dead...

Kid Sister for Married to the Mob Spring 2009

The Most Official Bitches have done it again! I'm so excited for this to hit the net, I already have a list of pieces I want to add to my closet. Eeeeeekkkk!

I especially want this hoodie and this tee. 'Bitch better have my money.' Nice! 

Can't fucking WAIT!


dear yana handbags. i love you.

Mental overload.
Mental overload.

I think I just died and went to a heaven paved with doorknocker earrings.

Yana is a Chicago born handbag designer that attended school at FIT and currently produces fabo handbags like the one pictured above in NYC. These bags can either be worn on the shoulder or as...FANNY PACKS. Yes! At a price tag of about $200, I think its safe to say this is a splurge item, but hey, it's not as bad as spending $1,300 and upwards on a designer bag everyone else is going to have. Her bags are unique, one of a kind pieces that I think will never go out of style. Plus to door knocker is a nice touch!

More of Yana's handbags below!

'Sexy at all Times' Snake Skin handbag 

'Keepin it Real' Quilted Lambskin Belt Bag 

Make sure to visit Yana here, and support her fabulous bags!
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the funniest thing i've seen all day.

"Dumb bitch..."

via Youtube

new santogold.

Love this song. Hope you do as well...=)

Unstoppable - Santogold fear Drake & Lil Wayne


dear kanye: whoa!

While perusing the internet and visiting Martin Louis the King Jr's blog, I found this little message: (Click to enlarge)

Now I love Kanye West as much as the next person, but sometimes this dude really makes me question why I like him so much. If I was ever to find myself around him, I wonder what I'd say. Would I tell him that his outbursts don't make him look human, but more like a spoiled brat. Would I inform him that he has real fans and he should focus on them instead of focusing on all these negative people and what they have to say about him. Would I let him know that addressing the fuckery of others only makes him a victim of it. So much to say, and so little time to say it in...

I like him, I really do, but this whole 'holier than thou, I'm way better than you, I'm so different' shit has got to go. Do your thing and don't worry about everyone else, because when you do you end up looking like the dumb ass. I'm glad he's so confident in himself...but he's borderline arrogant. That shit is not cool...

flatte matte black nail polish

Knock out cosmetics founder Mike Potter has created a matte black nail polish that I think I'm officially in love with. You only have to put one coat on and let it dry for a matte look. Like coal...how cool is that? I went to the link via Highsnobette and found out that if you can't afford this nail polish or you want to try it with another color you already have, all you've got to do is apply one coat of nail polish and buff it out until there isn't a gleam. And remember, no top coat!

halston peep toe ankle boots.

Drool alert!

While visiting one of my fave online retailers Net-A-Porter, I came across the holy grail of ankle boots. Now don't get me wrong, I don't visit Net a Porter to buy anything, on the contrary, I visit to get my wishing on...cus Lord knows I can't even afford to LOOK at this website, but I do anyway.

I love love LOVE these Halston ankle boots mucho! If I could afford them, they'd look fabo with a flowey top and my liquid leggings. Yay!


damn you recession.

So I got some incredibly bad news today. Like the worse news anyone could ever get (well maybe not that bad, but still). Anyway one of my favorite magazines is going digital. Thats right. DIGITAL (insert tears here). I don't know what the hell is wrong with this world anymore. One day you can have a Black president and the next your favorite girly magazine is going digital. Be still my beating heart...

Missbehave magazine has been apart of my existence for awhile now. They have the best blog and magazine for girls like me who are often called weird/awkward/strange/crazy by Juicy Couture wearing bitches who spend too much money on poorly made items. Anyway. Everytime I open the mag or read the blog I can identify with the women who write for it. Their sarcastic, brazen, and fashion forward. I love it.

I guess the art of the printing magazines is going out of style just like autotune, but I don't care. I'm officially sad.

abaete x payless

So I guess bandage heels are in this summer. These are cute, but to be honest they don't look the slightest bit comfy at all. I guess thats the price we pay to be beautiful. At only $38 I could stand to have them in my closet =).


the shit.

I love Lykke Li. Period.
Maybe you should love her too.

Here's her video for Tonight from her album Youth Novels.

marc jacobs heart purse.

Yay! I needed a reason to actually enjoy Valentines Day and here it is! There's nothing like a nice designer bag to say I love you. But since I'll be saying it to myself this year, I guess it's my wallet that'll be doing all the loving...

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this is old. but i don't care.

Love love LOVE this song. One of my favorites from her album. Has been on heavy rotation on my favorite playlist from my iPod since this summer.

Solange Knowles - T.O.N.Y

I really really REALLY like this chick. And it's definitely not because she's Beyonce's sister, because I'm not that big of a Beyonce fan AT ALL (not really my thing). I just enjoy how she's willing to take risks and actually does her own thing despite the opinions of others. It would be nice if she was a little more approachable or personable though. I know its got to be hard to get out from under her sister's larger than life shadow, but this tough girl act is killing me. To be honest if I saw her and Beyonce on the street I'd be more inclined to speak to Bey rather than reach out and express my support to Solo. Just because I'd be scared the bitch might cuss my ass out.

yo people are mad crazy.

What a way to start the day. (blank stare)

A bakery in New York is officially trippin. The Lafayette French Pastry Bakery in Greenwich Village is capitalizing on our new President by making 'Drunken Negro Face Cookies' (no joke). I guess the bakery owner thought it would be funny and figured EVERYONE would enjoy this fuckery, but the world is definitely not smiling right now dude.

Unfortunately the offensive cookie is not the end of this tragic story. Apparently the owner has been seen using the 'N' word obsessively, making offensive remarks about Obama AND hinting about an assasination. (WTF?!).

Pardon me, but I thought people would finally get the message after the inauguration went down. It's like people don't wanna let go of the fact that this man WON! Lets get free people. For real this time...

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obama's STFU face.

Disclaimer :'STFU' = SHUT THE FUCK UP
Moving forward.

While swearing in senior staffers, Vice President Joe Biden made a joke about his memory not being as good as Chief Justice John Robert's (the guy that messed up the oath). Inappropriate, yes. Funny, HELL YEA. Anyway although the joke was corny enough to get a little chuckle out of me, theeeee best part was that Obama gave an oh so obvious side eye, blank stare, STFU face to Biden. Classico!!

via Youtube

political FAIL.

Illinois Gov Blagojevich says that he wanted to ask Oprah (yea I know) to take Barack Obama's seat in the Senate. I have no words/comments/blank stares/side eyes for this information. Ok maybe a couple little ones...

Video below: via CitizenSugar

All I really have to say is wtf was this dude thinking? Oprah? Really? What the heck was his thought process?
America we need to do better...

wtf is WRONG with me.

I can't seem to shake this shoe addiction. It's like CRACK!

Nike ACG Terminator Hybrid - Black & Pink colorway

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martin louis the king. jr...

And I thought the excitement was over.

Mr. West sporting his new mullet (side eye) and name in Paris. God Kanye, sometimes I hate you, and sometimes you make my 100 watt smile come out of hiding...

A message from kwest on Vimeo.

via Kanye West University

must. have. now.

Kanye's Louis Vuitton women's sneaker.
Is anyone else crying on the inside with excitement?! Because I sure am...

I'm salivating at the mouth as we speak.

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nails did. premiere edition.

Every two weeks I do what some other women do. I get my nails done. I've given up on finding someone competent and cooperative enough to do my hair so the only ritual I'm left with every other week is getting those fingers did. So from now on I'll be showcasing my freakshow designs because they make me happy.

Heres the newest design.

Aren't they fab?!

how cool is this?

I wish like hell this would happen to me one day lol.
T Mobile Dance Commercial



These two inspire me so much.


the death of dee. & some other bs.

I'm sorry, but I'm in a really odd place right now.
Like super odd.

Here's a question of you: Is inner beauty really more important than the way one looks on the outside? Like seriously. In my 22 years of life I have never been described as someone who is beautiful. I've gotten cute, fun, crazy, determined, sweet, yadda yadda ya...whatever. In all those descriptions, I have never ever ever EVER had someone look at a photo of me and say 'Wow she's stunning'. It's not something I'm bitter about, it's not something I've thought extensively about, it's just something that I've subconciously tucked away in the back of my mind. It's a loser fact about my life. Thats all.

The last few days this question has been popping in my head though. People who are outwardly more attractive than others seem to be getting advantages that I (someone who isn't that 'pretty') would kill for. Yes it's true, whether society likes to believe it or not, attractive people are often given things more than the unattractive. Whether it be discounts, time, affection from people they barely know, or even the benefit of the doubt, lets be honest...they just get shit. Quite frankly I don't get it...

So with all that being said.
Is beauty only skin deep? Is beauty REALLY in the eye of the beholder? Or are we just kidding ourselves?



You ever feel like you want your life to start like...right now.
You ever feel like the work you do on a daily basis goes completely unnoticed.
You ever feel like shit?

Cuz I do.

This is a historical day. This is a historical moment for our country. And if I hear the work historical one more time I'll die of overexposure to the word. Anywho. Barack Obama makes me feel like anything is possible. But right now I'm feeling like I'm climbing this giant wall and the climbs not getting easier, the tasks are not getting smaller, and my strength is wavering. Case in point, I'm tired. Too tired for anymore words.


and i'm dead.

O no they didn't.

...I think they did.

make a difference.

Today before I went to work, I went to my church and fed some of the homeless that had been out in the streets all night. Being that today has been deemed a National Day of Service as well as Martin Luther King day, it seems only right that I get off my selfish ass and do some good for others.

I'm super super SUPER proud to be Black in America in this day and age. It's a wonderful time for change and I can't think of a better person to bring that change to this country other than Obama.

Watch Video of Barack & Michelle doing some good for others here!

Edit: Found this @ totallyuncool. This kinda made me wanna cry lol

My president is black in fact he’s half white
So even in a racists mind hes half right
So if you got a racists mind its alright
My president is black but his house is all white
Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther could walk
Martin Luther walked so Barack Obama could run
Barack Obama ran so all the children could fly
So Ima spread my wings you can meet in the sky

here we go steelers...

Sooo the Steelers are going to the Superbowl. I can't even begin to tell you how excited my Dad is, last night I thought he was going to jump out of his skin with excitement. Thats how hard this fool was screaming.


Being that this seems to be the season for change and superbowl champs, it's only right that I get my gear ready for the big game! What a great excuse to shop (as if I needed another one)...

Peoples Cartel I 'Steel' Pitt Tee
This has gotta be the best shirt of the season. I already own the black & gold mix pictured, but I'm thinking maybe I'll pick up the white with black lettering come this Friday (paydayyy!). We'll see...

Peoples Cartel is pretty fun, I've already got a couple shirts from them. One of my favorite pieces from my closet came from them actually. A big comfy gray tee with HOT SEX spray painted all over it. YES! I picked it up at this spot called Decade over on the Southside of Pittsburgh. LOVES IT!

I wore it when I was last in New York and got a boat load of compliments on it!


retail therapy. or something like it.

So now that I'm back on my grizzly like a bear skinned rug (thanks lupe.) uh money has become a wee bit scarce. Like instead of dropping a whole paycheck on random items (stuff I didn't need, but totally wanted), I am now being the responsible adult and paying for school. I see it as an investment. My poor bank account sees it as betrayal (as if!). Anyway. I have now resorted to window shopping via the always efficient and fabulous internet. Here are some goodies I will be saving my pesos for.

1. Married to the Mob World Wide Leggings
I've never been a fan of leggings but these suckers have got me salivating at the mouth. In NYC I saw this cute tee that was kinda long and had lace and chiffon @ the bottom so it looked like a little dress. Would have went perfecto with these and my dirty black Chucks. Too bad the tee was $50...at Forever XXI (I kno. Insanity!)

2. Insight April Lady Top
Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a huge fan of bright colors. This tank totally feeds into my addiction. It's like visual crack! When I wear color it means that I don't have to try so hard with my accessories. A simple hoop earring, maybe my herringbone necklace, and some stacked bangles on one arm would be sweet. I'd want to focal point to be my shirt. Plus I want this to go with my black cigarette pants I just got from the Goodwill. Woo!

I've been looking for a pair of boyfriend cut jeans that a)do NOT look like guy jeans b)do not make me look like a lesbian and c)are NOT $300 (damn u Current & Elliot!). I have found them! and their only $80 (without shipping). I know, not the cheapest pair of pants, but anything is better than the arm, leg, and kidney these other designers were asking for.

I've got more, but for now these are probably going to be the next 3 items I add to my closet. Right after my tuition payment is paid. God I need another job...


While on one of my many trips to Twitter, I came across this petition that was started by Qtip to have The Roots be honored this year at VH1's Hip Hop Honors. I totally concur! The Roots are one of the greatest hip hop bands on the face of the earth. I got the chance to see them perform this summer here in Pittsburgh, and had a blast. Hope this petition makes a difference!

I showed my support, now show yours! 


this makes me a little sad.

Joe Budden & friends talk/argue about how much it costs to live comfortably in NYC. 

This makes me a little sad for a couple different reasons:
1. Eventually I'd like to get a job and experience living in NYC only because I think it will be a nice life experience.
2. One of my customers just told me yesterday that she spent most of her time in New York grinding like a one armed slave just to make rent every month. She never really got to enjoy her time there. 
3. Now I'm thinking about a different plan...

$5o,000 a  year will make you poor? WTF?

great moments in presidential speeches.

Womp. Womp. Womp.

A farewell to President Bush via the David Letterman Show. If there is one thing that Bush could do other than annoy the shit out if a country, it was make a couple countries laugh at him...not with him. Example below.

Ps. David Letterman is a fool for this one lol!

my president is black.

Best video I've seen in a long time. This song made me cry like a bitch election night. God I love me some Barack Obama and I cannot WAIT until we help out as Americans and change the face and perception of our country on the world stage. This is definitely a change everyone can believe in.

Jeezy feat. Nas - My President is Black



Please o please can christmas come again so santa can bring me these puppies. Yikes

And then can my birthday come so someone could get me these as well...

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a few of my favorite things.

Uhhh so it's snowing cats, dogs, and a shit load of other crap outside. I'm at work and it's a dead day. So what happens when it's dead like this? I break out good ol' Steve (aka my MacBook) and get to surfing the internet. Check what I spotted @ Reed Space.

New 10 Deep stuff I don't have in my closet, but will have come the end of the week...((drool))


My favorite couple of all time (sorry Barack & Michelle) Kelis and Nas are expecting a baby! Wooooo! I'm so excited to see what creative/dope/innovative spawn they produce.

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an open letter to ann coulter.

Dear Ann,

I know that in the past I haven't been the most open minded person walking this earth. There are times where I judge others, and times where I don't care enough to do that. There are times when I act stereotypical to the color of my skin, and times where I want to beat the shit out of someone that stereotypes me for the color of my skin. Ya see where I'm going with this?

We as humans are full of contradictions. We are complex beings. I get it. But you, Ann Coulter, you seem to stay the same year in and year out. You, my friend, are what I like to call, a close minded insensitive BITCH.

Yes I said what everyone with half a brain wants to say. I'm saying what single African American mothers want to say when they hear you spouting bullshit about how ALL the problems with this shitty country lie on their shoulders alone. Like it isn't hard enough raising a child by themselves, you've got to be the one to lay, not some, but ALL the blame on their over burdened shoulders.

Ann Coulter I wish that you could live just 1 day as a black woman in America. Not as a single mother raising children and working a shitty job (because quite frankly I don't think you'd be able to take it), but I wish that you could get the chance to walk around and see what it's like. Maybe then you'll be able to see for yourself that we're human beings...and not animals.

Kindly Yours,
An Educated Broke BLACK College Student.

This video gets me every time lol

just 4 kicks.

I. love. kicks.
Anyone that knows me, knows that I like to think I'm a little sneaker enthusiast. I love the way they feel, all the colorways and styles...I swear if I had all the money in the world I'd do 3 things: 1) Buy a shit load of Chuck Taylor's in every color imaginable (especially the vintage leather ones I missed out on) 2) Buy every single vintage pair of Air Jordan 1's in every size and sell those bitches, and finally 3) Start my own streetwear/sneaker boutique. But sweet Jesus didn't give me cash like that, so until I can grind it out to be able to afford those luxuries I'll continue to drool @ Sneaker Freaker and Nice Kicks and spend my paychecks on kicks instead of getting my phone fixed (who needs a phone anyway when some new J's are about to be released for $190?).

Just got done watching this sweet ass documentary called 'Just For Kicks' about this beautiful sneaker phenomenon that has taken over my life and imagination. It's posted below. Hope you get a sec to check it out and get educated!

"If your shoes slip or slide, get the ones with the star on the side..."
Gotta Love those Chucks!


the golden globes.

I did't watch the globes last night, but because of a little invention called 'the internet' I caught up with the fashion and hijinks this morning. Lets just say, 30 Rock rocks my fuggin socks. Tracey Morgan and Tina Fey are awesome!

The fashion was a little blah to say the least. I think Eva Mendes in Dior was my favorite of the night, followed closely with Maggie Gyllenhaal who rocked a funky Lanvin gown (gorg!). Beyonce did her usual tight corset dress thingy rocking Elie Saab. Is it just me or does she always wear dresses that make her waist look extra small and her hips look EXTRA wide? I think we've seen this before B.

Taraji P. Henson was my biggest disappointment of the night. She's caught my stye eye several times this year because she's so damn cute! I want to be her. Anyway last nights dress for the globes was trash. And thats putting it kindly, because I adore her. We gotta do better people!

Tiny Fey and Tracy Morgan had THEEEE best acceptance speeches...Tracy's is below. via Youtube

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