dear kanye: whoa!

While perusing the internet and visiting Martin Louis the King Jr's blog, I found this little message: (Click to enlarge)

Now I love Kanye West as much as the next person, but sometimes this dude really makes me question why I like him so much. If I was ever to find myself around him, I wonder what I'd say. Would I tell him that his outbursts don't make him look human, but more like a spoiled brat. Would I inform him that he has real fans and he should focus on them instead of focusing on all these negative people and what they have to say about him. Would I let him know that addressing the fuckery of others only makes him a victim of it. So much to say, and so little time to say it in...

I like him, I really do, but this whole 'holier than thou, I'm way better than you, I'm so different' shit has got to go. Do your thing and don't worry about everyone else, because when you do you end up looking like the dumb ass. I'm glad he's so confident in himself...but he's borderline arrogant. That shit is not cool...

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