la la la lanvin.

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Lanvin hi-tops available in exchange for your left arm, eye, and first born child at Colette. I think these cost more than my life. Actually, I don't think, I know.


wow! | nicholas kirkwood for rodarte fall 2010.

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I wouldn't know the first, second, or third thing to do with these shoes. The imagination is an amazing thing. Outstanding! [jak&jil]


vivienne westwood fall 2010.

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When I die (knocking on the nearest piece of wood) please have my family dress me in Vivienne Westwood. Preferably a gold disco ball dress such as this one. I'd like to be fabulous when King Jesus greets me.



Where there is Life,
there is Hope;
Where there is Hope,
there is Trust;
Where there is Trust,
there is Love;
Where there is Love,
there is Faith,
Where there is Faith,
there is Success,
Where there is Success,
there is God.

- Tim Long (A Piece of Cake)

Greatest book everrrrrr.

matthew williamson fall 2010.

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A long time ago I started a journal/scrapbook that listed the designers, artists, and other creators that caught my eye. Matthew Willamson and his collections have been in my journal many times, and he still manages continues to get me excited, not only about the garments he creates, but with what I can do with my closet full of moderately priced clothing. I think this collection is fun, polished, and extremely ladylike. All of the things I like to sometimes think I am...when I'm not being completely rude, scattered, and manly...


lady gaga honors mcqueen. and then it got weird...

Lady Gaga dedicates her performance at the Brit Awards to Alexander McQueen. It's only right, since she's just about the only person (other than Daphne Guinness) who could pull off a McQueen look straight from the runway. She's done it before, and very well might I add. I'm in serious awe of Gaga's performances. I'd pay a arm, leg, and left tit to see her perform live, especially because she's sounds just as good (if not better) that she does on album. Can't say that for everyone, now can we?

oh my gawd..| proenza schouler fall 2010.

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I guess I should have known Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough of Proenza Schouler were taking us all back to school from the looks of their Pre-Fall collection, but I didn't know it would be like this. I'm officially in love. As of right now PS is the only brand that keeps me consistently engaged and inspired season after season. I love their updated version of the letterman's jacket. I love the leather detail. I love the baby doll dresses. I even love their beauty choices (dark lipstick is something I'm thinking about trying). And although I've never been a fan of high waisted denim ANYTHING, I've still got a bit of love left for the J Brand jeans they designed for next Fall. It's so perfect I could cry...

I tried to cram as many looks as I could into this one post, but if you love what you see there's more where this came from here --> [nymag]


a single man.

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I found some stills from Tom Ford's directorial debut A Single Man. I read the book before seeing the film, and I've got to admit, where in most cases I'd completely dissect a film derived from a book (especially one I've read), I didn't do that with this movie. It was good. Really good. Just do yourself a favor and go see it.

Man, I love the 60's. Seriously. I'm mesmerized the way men wore their clothes back then; the thick framed spectacles, the rolled up denim, the clean lines, the tailoring. Perfect.

ohne titel fall 2010.

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I really love this collection. The colors, and silhouettes are beautiful, but I feel like I've seen this before. Even though it reminds me of something I may have seen in another lifetime (Balenciaga maybe?), that doesn't take away from the fact that leather is obviously going to continue being the staple of choice for practically everyone.



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Katie Rodgers is an amazing fashion illustrator based in Boston, MA. When you get a moment to yourself check her out on her blog PaperFashion, and buy some of her inexpensive prints on Etsy. You won't be disappointed, I promise!

turbo| baptiste debombourg.

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This is INSANE! Could you imagine walking into a room and seeing this? Could you? Because I'd probably pass out. Brilliant! [baptistedebombourg]

freja. freja. freja.

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Words can't even begin to describe how cool this girl is.

It's kind of surreal seeing McQueen's work in print. Especially because Spring 2010 is probably the last collection we'll get the opportunity to enjoy. It makes his craftsmanship and artistry that much more impressive. [idealife]

peter som fall 2010.

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Thank you Peter Som for catching my eye and making me reconsider how I wear my clothes. Brilliant...

I haven't been checking in on the fall 2010 collections as much as I did in the past, and that's primarily because as of late I've been feeling very uninspired. Nothing blows my mind anymore. Maybe I'll feel differently once fashion week and all the excitement is over, but right now nothing is doing it for me. [coutorture]

O yeah, and thank you Charlotte Olympia for creating shoes that I will probably be lusting after during the rest of this year...

sewn from the soul.

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I love menswear. So much so, I've decided that when I move to New York (which is rapidly approaching) I'm not applying to work with women's labels or magazines. Menswear is so much more inspiring to me, and Street Etiquette is just one of the many reasons why. Joshua and Travis are on another level and their editorial 'Sewn from the Soul' is, in a word, amazing. Can't wait to see more from these guys...


valentines day for the rest of us.

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I was trying to avoid this day like the plague, but Valentines Day has once again sucked me in and spit me out. I dodged it as much as I could, but these homemade greeting cards courtesy of Owly Shadow Puppets' gave me a good reason to do a 'Single Awareness Day' post. While we're on the subject of this hot mess of a holiday, I think it's wise for me to clarify that although there are a few people I love unconditionally, I'm still 150% against this godforsaken shit stain of a day...

this didn't make me wanna gag.

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I'm not photogenic at all so when I find a picture of myself that dosesn't make me want to stick a finger down my throat, I post it everywhere. My coworkers Ruby, Vince, and I had some fun with a Canon point & shoot Friday night after inhaling a large amount of alcohol. That night was the most fun I've had in a really long time. Definitely a stress reliever. I may not be great in front of a camera, but I'm pretty decent behind one.

PS: Friendship is seriously an amazing thing. Cherish the love you have...


this is horrible.

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Rest In Peace Lee Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen was a genius. In my mind he was a designer that didn't see fashion as industry, but more so an art form - a view point I think is severely lacking in this industry. The fashion industry will never be the same without his perspective. I hope is soul is free...


laura laine.

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Today during coffee a friend of mine told me to check out Kitsune Noir's Desktop Wallpaper Project and the accompanying posts Bobby does every Wednesday. I change the desktop background on my computer about 3 times a week (I get bored very easily), so the project is perfect for my overactive mind. During my search for the perfect wallpaper, I stumbled on artist Laura Laine whose illustrations have been seen in the New Yorker, Elle Magazine, as well Muse Magazine. Her work is just the creative boost I've been looking for.


well tell us how you really feel...

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Saw this and laughed out loud immediately. [areyounotpleased?]

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