the black list.

Today is the last day of Black History Month, but as Kanye West once stated 'I make Black history everyday. I don't need a month'. The Black List, an HBO documentary directed by Timothy Greenfield - Sanders with interviews by Elvis Mitchell, profiles prominent African Americans of various disciplines and backgrounds who share their stories, perspectives, and struggles of what it is to be Black in America.

I first heard about this project via an email message sent to me by my Dad back in August when the Volume 1 installment first aired on HBO. But being that I'm SUPER LATE on everything, today is the first day I've gotten a chance to sit, watch, and absorb all this knowledge. Its incredibly inpspiring to watch Black faces of various backgrounds, age groups, and even ethnicity mixes, come together via one sounding board to talk about what it means to be who they are as a people.

If you haven't seen this documentary, you should. Whatever ethnicity, race, or age group, you should watch this film. I hope it inspires you as much as it's inspired me.

Watch clips via YouTube here.

the obaminator: officially the coolest dude ever.

Last night President Obama surprised NBA fans, players, owners and everyone in between when he showed up to watch the Chicago Bulls play the Wizards. He happily greeted everyone who came up to him and was even seen chopping it up with a little kid sitting next to him. I love how the most important person in this country doesn't get all prima-donna-ish when he's out in public. He's kind to anyone who walks up to him and isn't standoffish like some of these other celebutards out here.

The Obaminator is officially the coolest man in the free world.

cosmic journey

I've been wanting to see her perform this live for quite some time. This is my favorite song from Solange's album. Hope you love it!


man down. code 10

Too many quotes in this ish. Start the video at about the 3:00 mark and riiiiiiiiiiidddddddddeeeeeee it outttttttttt! LMAO!

HOLLA!! Frankie gets me every time!

nicholas kirkwood.

...is epicly AWESOME.
This is the reason why...
Found @ Jak & Jill

barbie exhibition: karl lagerfeld x colette.

This year Barbie celebrated her 50th birthday, and to commemorate the occasion Barbie and Ken will have an exhibition Colette in Paris, which will be styled by the one and only Karl Lagerfeld. From March 9th - the 15th Colette will also have special displays in their windows honoring the iconic doll.


Twitter is awesome. It's like facebook status on CRACK. If you ain't on sit down...
Follow me on twitterrrrrr!

girl crush: solange knowles

I'm a big sucker for individuality and I think that is the reason Solange has such a big place im ny heart. I love how she doesn't really give a flying fck about anyone and does her own thing. The video below is of her recent performance in Chicago where she covered Devin the Dude's Doobie Ashtray, and Kid Cudi's Day n Nite, while also singing her songs God Given Name, as well as Champagne Chronic Nightcap, which happens to be one of my favorites from her.

I wonder if she sang Cosmic Journey in that set? If you aren't hip to Solange, you should be, she's kind of a big deal =).

the times: keelay x zaire feat blu

Love Blu. And now I love Keelay & Zaire.
Now that I'm thinking about it, I met Zaire a couple weeks ago at this fashion show thingy. He had a shirt on that said 'Herb is my anti drug'. Obviously I said I liked it and he made me write down my address so he could send me one. You never know who you're gonna meet...folks can turn out to be rappers n shit lol...Yeesh.

I can't take credit for finding this tho. Thanks Mario!


weekend warriors.

Found this gem over @ Rio's spot.
I want this shit. ASAP.
"I found my inner bitch and ran with her." 
If you're on the computer you should really check out her blog modern Fuerza. Rio's an up & coming freelance journalist who, in my humble opinion, has an amazing eye for art, and an even more amazing voice. I'm alway put onto something new with here. We both write for another blog Kweenz Destroy, but to be honest, sometimes I find myself reading her posts more than my own. 

If you like what you see, you can find it here.

the obaminators honor stevie wonder

Stuff like this makes me cry. I don't like doing that, but I'll do anything for the Obama's, even if that means shedding a few tears. But I don't have to like it!
PS: How great does Michelle look? So wonderful!!!!

nina sky live @ bb kings

Love love LOVE these chicks!

Girl crush FORREAL!


obsession: 3 finger rings

I've got this sick obsession with collecting and wearing 2,4, and 4, finger rings. They're epicly awesome and I can't ever seem to get enough of them. I've managed to collect 4: (click the links to check out pictures of my gems, and purchase them yourselves!)
Miss Wax has teamed up Hellz Bellz to create a two finger ring for their Spring/Summer 09 collection. 
Must. Have. It. NOW.
Pics via M.I.S.S. Crew

miss crew posting

Ya girl is published like whoa!

I'm a writier for M.I.S.S. Crew, therefore you should be a reader...
I write a weekly political post for the website, so all the fashionistas can not only be beautiful, but politically aware as well. GO MEEEE! Read my post and don't forget to browse around M.I.S.S. Crew and tell me what you think!


dimepiece stimulus sale

Dimepiece is having a sale suckas! 
Dimepiece Designs is having a 3 day recession proof sale to do their part in pumping some life back into our wack ass economy. Their entire stock will be on sale beginning Thursday, February 26th until Saturday, February 28th. The sale will start at 12:00 am, and the brand will be offering EVERYONE 40% off merchandise.

Just when I thought my bank account was safe. Burnt.

nails did. sephora metro chic.

Got my nails done with that Metro Chic color I blogged about in a previous post.
Do we like it?

I haven't made my mind up whether or not I like it. It looks SO GOOD on lighter toned individuals (ahem, white people), but I'm not sure about me. I'm not that light, but still...

metro chic.

Metro Chic take me awayyyyyyy...

Gray nails fascinate me. I've been looking all season for the perfect shade of gray to compliment my skin tone. Too light makes my nails look fake (they are, but still), and too dark washes out my already dark skin (Ok, it's not that dark, but still). 

O.P.I. for Sephora's Metro Chic is gray with a hint of purple, is quite possibly the only gray I haven't attempted to try yet, but seems like the most appealing. MAC has a gray nail polish from their Hello Kitty line that's pretty nice, but my past experiences with MAC nail stuff hasn't been that great so I'm not venturing down that road again. 

I know everyone is probably completely over this shade of gray, but I don't care. Never got the chance to rock it for myself so guess what color I'll be getting my nails done tomorrow. You betcha! 

We'll see how this goes. This color looks so good on lighter skin tones, so I'm not at all sure what it'll look like on me...Hmmm.


i got it. i'm awesome. theeee end.

Got this new MOB joint today. Shweeeet!


gimme. like now.

Melody Ehsani will forever have a place in my heart for this ish. Thank you...
Can't wait to grab this up!

what fuckery is this?

Dru Hill is back. It's like the earth just stopped spinning.
They're looking as tangilcious as ever. EPIC FAIL.

michelle obama makes my heart sing.

How amazing does Michelle O look? WAY better than her Inauguration dress in my opinion. Very nice!

o beyonce.

Beyonce performs at the 81st Academy Awards.

Ok so here's the short version of my assessment of the awards this year.
1) I totally believe that Beyonce is SO thirsty for an Academy Award that she will hoe out her talent (singing) and take movie roles that aren't suitable for her talent level, until someone gives her that damn award. A good example of this theory can be viewed in the above video. I mean WTF was her purpose in being at the show anyway?

2) I'm not at all thrilled with Alicia Key's choice to wear a wig to this years awards. You are WAY too beautiful for that. This is why I will not show a picture of it, because I don't want you all to be scarred as I am at this very minute.

3) Taraji P. Henson is my hero

4) Slumdog Millionaire is the SHIT!


girl crush: ana ortiz & america ferrara.

Being that I'm a woman of mixed heritage, it always gives me a thrill to see women of all shapes, colors, and sizes given a chance to be role models to average everyday plain jane's like myself. 

Ana Ortiz and America Ferrara both star in one of my favorite shows Ugly Betty. I have an intense obsession with both of these women for various different reasons. 

Ana is beautiful and her character Hilda on UB reminds me of my fast talking, finger snapping, head twisting, smart mouth Aunt Rosalie. The best line off a Ugly Betty episode was when Betty was having a hard time getting her roommate Amanda to pay rent, so Hilda tells Betty all she has to do is tell the chick: 'Bitch...where's my rent?". Now can you tell why I like this chick so much? Straight gangsta and too the mutha friggin point. Classic.

America Ferrara is amazing because she's not a size 2 and STILL is extremely beautiful. Which makes me and a whole boat load of other women I know, exhale with ease because there exists a woman who doesn't look like every other stick figure actress, but is still holding her own. 

obama is not playin.

The Obamiator never ever EVER ceases to amaze me. He's the most awesome President of not only my lifetime, but of my parents, and grandparents as well. Every day I try to read up on what's going on in our nation, especially with the recession killing jobs and my bank account. Every time I read the paper, watch the news, or read political blogs, I get excited about the difference Pres Obama is making which in turn makes me want to get off my ass and do some good!

Obama's latest effort in jump starting this wack economy has impressed me the most. Right after signing The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act last tuesday, the White House created Recovery.gov, a website which will be open to all Americans so that we can see exactly where the hell our hard earned tax dollars are going.

It doesn't end there! In an effort to maintain full accountability and transparency in this administration, the President is also creating the Recovery Act Transparency & Accountability Board which will be headed up by Earl E. Davaney a former fraud investigator and white collar crime investigator for the Secret Service.

The Obaminator is on the move, trying to make this world a better one for us to live in...I'm so excited!


this is sad.

I'm not even going to dignify this post with the picture of Rihanna's injuries. What I'll do is let you all click HERE to see it yourself. This shit is ignorant on so many levels. I'm not one to take sides but shit shouldn't have to get to this level. This is why I let shit roll off my back, because when you let your anger consume and take over that logical portion of your brain, SHIT GETS CRAZY.

Ladies, never let a man do this to you, and men, never be a bitch and do this shit to a lady.

Chris Brown is OFFICIALLY on some R. Kelly type shit.

Sidenote: I said 'shit' like 12 times lol


Dear Kid Cudi.

Can we please have babies now? Callllll meeeeeeeeeee...

this feels good.

My first post for M.I.S.S. Crew went up today. It's nothing special, but it's something and I'm super proud of it...

Click here to check it out!


ok. this is rude.

This extremely rude on so many different levels, it's insane. Lets get over ourselves people. Yeesh...

yeezy is that you?

Is it just me or does Martin Louis the King Jr actually look kinda good in this mag cover? Maybe I'm losing it...
"People ask me a lot about my drive. I think it comes from, like, having a sexual addiction at a really young age..."
Click the picture to read about the article accompanying this photo. Its entertaining to say the least. Just think: video games and giant penis's. Uh yeaaa...



Today President Obaminator (ahem, Obama) signed the $787 billion stimulus program into law. I also stumbled upon Recovery.Gov the website that allows Americans to see where the hell our tax money is going. O yea, and the White House has a buttload of videos on Vimeo. This has got to be the most transparent administration in our country to date. Hands down.

Your Money at Work from White House on Vimeo.

damn you recession. part 2.

Dear Recession, 

I know that it's probably been a little hard for you, ya know, shitting on our society and completely taking over our economy & stuff. I understand. 

I get the fact that you're causing people to sell their houses and cars, and lose their jobs & stuff. I understand that as well...

There's just something I cannot wrap my mind around. 

WHY THE HELL IS MY FAVORITE STREETWEAR BOUTIQUE CLOSING?! Have you lost yo damn mind? Where the hell am I going to buy Hellz Bellz, Claw $$$, MOB, Insight, In4mation, Darkhorse, Kid Robot, Made Me, and 10 Deep? Karmaloop? 

Look Recession, buying streetwear via the internet pisses me off. I hate paying for shipping and I'm impatient. No I do not live in New York, nor can I afford to visit that city more than twice a year. I don't have the luxury of walking out of my 5th floor walkup and BAM! there's the Bape store...this is Pittsburgh. That shit don't happen here. 

Next time  you want to take the ONLY establishment that sells the shit I love outta the equation...please see me first. So I can slap the shit outta you!

Love Always, 
Deezzz Nutz

don't like kanye. love kid cudi.

I have to admit. Kanye West is a genius. Sorta. 
This is cool...

i think i just shed a tear.

Dear T.I.P, 
This video just made me love you even more than I already do. Can we please have babies now?

Dude. Ti's new show 'Road to Redemption' is something EXTRA serious. I didn't watch the first episode like everyone else because I'm not totally down with reality television, plus I thought it'd be corny as hell. So being that I don't have to be at work until later this afternoon, boredom forced me to the television to watch this emotional masterpiece. Peep my favorite clip below...

snl digital short: bjork

"Greetings Snarf. How is your skeleton?"


you know u think this is funny.

Couldn't help but laugh out loud a bit...

dear god: thank you.

Yay goooodddd day!
Today's the first day I could hold down a smidgen of food since Friday (thanks so much Eat n Park. Smh). Checked my email and found this little gem from my friend who happens to be obsessed with Nylon magazine, and I wanted to share it with you all =).

Nylon has teamed up with Nike Sportswear and created a collection of neon colored high tops that makes me want to scream with delight. Being that this is Fashion Week the magazine has given a couple pairs of these shoes to a few magnificent ladies to sport around NYC in and create some hype (think Leigh Lezarkin Bryant Park). Being that this is the 10th Anniversary of Nylon being in circulation, these spectacular won't be available for commoners to buy until April, which is the end of the mags anniversary.

Is anyone else excited about this or is it just me?

someone's buggin.

I'm super sickly right now. But this cheered me up a bit.
It's my favorite Martian and Consequence's promo video for Buggin Out '09' which happens to be one of my favorite Tribe Called Quest songs. Woo!

Consequence & Kid Cudi - "Buggin Out 09" Promo from Three/21 Films on Vimeo.


i think i'm more excited than they are.

Yay! Best news allllllll day!
Kelis and Nas are expecting their first child together and it's going to be a baby boy! Yippeeee! A junior Nasir Jones will hopefully be a hip hop prodigy like his Papa. Peep the quote I found on Necole Bitchie's blog:

Can't wait for that Damian Marley & Nas album either!


If you'd like to hear me bitch, moan, cry, and occasionally throw things visit my online diary Misfit Adventures. Disclaimer: I'm not nearly as angry or as pessimistic as I may come off in my writings. Sometimes a chick has got to keep it real and complain. We all do it. I'm a big cynic though. Trust & believe that...

Opinions are like assholes. Everyone has them, including me =).

Misfit Adventures - Average Girl. Big World.

Tell me whatcha think!

it's not me. it's you.

Happy Valentines Day.
I'm officially pissed the hell off.

To express this emotion I've decided to post this Lily Allen song, appropriately entitled 'Fuck You'.

inspired by e. magee.

Made Me dropped their Spring/Summer 09 collection and its pretty awesome. I'm a huge fan of Made Me and esecially of Erin Magee the creator of the brand; I think she's awesome. Found this vimby video of E. Magee on bubblegum pony's blog and decided to post it here cuz she's a big inspiration to me. Hope u love it...


way to get your balls back.

Apparently Chris Brown has felt the need to speak out ya'll...

According the the NYPost, Chris Brown changed his status today on CrackBook. I guess the guy just couldn't stay quiet any longer while his name was ran over tracker trailer style. I can't blame him for wanting to bust out and clear his name. If there is anything I hate worse in the world it's being called a liar when I know I'm not.

C Breezy updated his facebook status stating "You'll be seeing her true colors. Believe it!". Hmmm and I wonder...

I'm telling you guy's there are two sides to EVERY story. You can never judge a book by it's cover. Has anyone every peeped the DEATH STARES Rihanna gives the paps. I mean I've seen pictures of celebs looking kinda irritated but damn girl. She looks like she would kill a hoe (for real.)

Read the NYPost article and let me know what you all think. It kinda made me question the media, especially when their most credible source is listed as Media Takeout, who's known for making information up all the time. It also angered me that they described CB as a troubled star, and Rihanna a Barbadian Beauty (question marks and blank stares all around).


giuseppe zanotti is a monster.

My girl crush Taraji P. Henson wore these Giuseppe Zanotti Lazer Cut High Heels (thats a mouthful) to the Grammy's this year. Giuseppe Zanotti never fails to deliver as far as I'm concerned. They always manage to be fashion forward, yet completely wearable. These guys run at a retail price of $875, but their nice to at least look at =). 

Pictures Via Concrete Loop and ShopBop

this warmed my heart a bit.

Kelly had a birthday party. Beyonce and Michelle came out. All is right with the world. Peep video below! PS: Can we please leave Chris & Rihanna alone now? Yeesh. 


i die.

Love Camilla Belle. She's awesome.

aww hellz naw.

Dear Hellz Bellz.

STOP making me spend my money on your overpriced sugary goodness. You are making my bank account quiver with fear...

The BROKE College Student
(a bitch got books to buy, damn.)

Favorites below: Ps. This is definitely for the high class hoe in all of us (to be frank).


man, i love this white boy.

Love Asher Roth. He ain't no Eminem, but he sure sounds like it. Here's his new video for his single 'I Love College'. This crap reminds me of keggers in Kent. LOL.

Via The FLy Girl

bitch stole my swag.

This post is dedicated to the men I use to love, and the ladies that have sucked the swag right outta them (clears throat).

Ladies, have you ever encountered a guy that you thought was just the cutest/sexiest creature you'd ever laid eyes on? He's got the looks, seems really nice and all, but theirs just one problem: he starts dating a girl and suddenly he doesn't seem appealing anymore. I've had this happen to me twice this year. My case study of this problem is below.

Case Study #1: Rihanna & Chris Brown

I use to like Chris Brown. Rather, I use to think he was a cute little thing that could sing me to sleep. I'm not 12 anymore so he's not a sex symbol to me, but he was a cutie. When I first got wind of Chris & Rihanna's 'friendship' I thought 'wow that's kinda cute in a teeny bopper kinda way'. Progressively my opinion of these two worsened. Don't get me wrong, I like them both individually, just not together. Rihanna's star power over shines poor Chris's it's sickening to watch. Just from the pictures I've seen of the two of them together, it always seems like she's got the balls in the relationship. A lack of balls in my opinion = a lack of swag. Burnt.

Case Study #2: Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush

I semi-like Kim Kardashian. I use to LOVE Reggie Bush. Then they got together and I stopped liking both of them. Reggie use to be appealing because he was young, he was fine, and he was fine...I said that already, but you get it. When he got with Kim K, a part of my heart broke because she seems like someone who's got the looks but definatiely not the brains. Have you guys SEEN Keeping Up with the Kardashians?! She seems like an airhead that is completely into their looks and has no substance what so ever. That just makes Reggie seem like an idiot that doesn't like a good brain. And not liking a good brain in a woman = swaglessness. Epic BOOOOOO!

umm. i don't think so.

Apparently Beyonce has been tapped to play the great Angela Davis. Now I know there are Beyonce stans everyone that would gladly stand up and shout from the roof tops how wonderful this news is, but luckily for me I have a mind of my own, and don't find this information appealing AT ALL. 

I'm sorry, I dig ol' Bey just like the next 'single lady', but I'm not going to be supporting her in this role. She sucked in Austin Powers, she was Ok in Dreamgirls, and I'm not even trying to see her thriller Obsessed. And as much as I liked her in Cadillac Records, I'm still not sold that she has enough depth to play someone as influential as Angela Davis. 

I'm a little tired of people handing Beyonce these amazing roles like she's a Oscar nominated actress or something. First Etta James...Ok. Then I hear about someone wanting her to play Eartha Kitt and the little voice in the back of my head was screaming 'for real?'. And now this. I feel like there are plenty of amazing actresses that could probably pull Angela Davis off AND win an Academy Award for it. Taraji P. Henson, Halle Berry, shit even Nia Long could pull it off. This to me is just another reminder that talent obviously doesn't matter. Smh.


I didn't watch any part of the Grammy's except J. Hud winning and this performance of 'Swagga Like Us'. This shit is so ill and MIA is a monster for the dress. You betta' work girl!


kinda creepy. but incredibly beautiful.

Spotted this over at Jezebel. It's a picture of the beautiful Kate Winslet getting her flix taken by a bunch of photographers. I find this picture to be incredibly beautiful, but disturbing as well. I think the media's fascination with the 'celebrity' is quite fascinating. We basically stalk them, and then when they act out or get upset about how their portrayed we crucify them. Shame.

fuckery followed us into the 09.

This is exactly what I needed to see after the great weekend I've had (sarcasm). Apparently neither Chris Brown OR Rihanna will be attending the Grammy's this evening because of a altercation that became physical, and caused an 'unnamed' female to press charges against Chris Breezy. 
I saw pics last night of both Chris and Rihanna at Clive Davis's Pre-Grammy party looking extra cozy and loving with one another (although I think Rihanna looked a bit tipsy). Whatever happened is between them, but I hope for the sake of their fans, and their privacy that this can be sorted out. It's sad to see these things happen...

i had no pants on.

Went out Friday night for the first time in a long long LONG time. Got a little out of hand, but at least I looked good. Tried out this whole leather legging phenomenon, here's a pic below to prove it. You guys think I pulled it off?


holy jesus. pinch me!

I'm a M.I.S.S. Crew Intern!
For those not in the 'know', M.I.S.S. Crew is a online women's lifestyle magazine. It was started by the founder of Mama clothing Gabriella Davi-Khorasanee and Liz Baca (who happens to be the illest nail tech I've ever seen). The blog covers fashion, music, beauty, art, and culture. I've been a loyal fan for awhile now, and when I saw the post on twitter that they were looking for interns I jumped at the chance to contribute to one of my favorite blogs. So I answered their questions, and had an interview with the Gabriella (who thought my blog was cute!) and just crossed my fingers and waited. 

I cannot believe my luck! I really really REALLY needed this break. I've been feeling very antsy and impatient for my life to begin, I thought I couldn't get anywhere because no one was responding to my cries of help. This is just the confidence boost I needed. I can't wait to begin working!

i told you she was the truth.

I hate when people don't listen to me, and try to play me when I expose them to new things. Please jump out of  that stereotypical box you're trapped in and open up your mind. Smh.

Lykke Li is a beast. Here she is covering Rick Ross's hit 'Hustlin'. I like this version better.


taj stansburry.

Taj Stansburry is an up and coming music video director I spotted while browsing over at Bossip. He's done videos for Rihanna, Neyo, LL Cool J, and Karina Pasian. He's also directed 'Hero' for Nas a video that I love love LOVE. This guys super talented, peep his video reel below since I'm obviously on a video kick these days...


this kid is gone.

I have nothing to say but: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

i forgot how cute john mayer, i mean elmo, was.

The cutest thing ever. 

the internet does this no justice.

Went downtown after class yesterday with my good pal Taneeka to do some hardcore window shopping and catch up with one another. We ended up at Saks Fifth Ave to look at all the pretty designer duds we can't afford, and on our way to the nearest sales rack we passes the Louis Vuitton counter. Normally I just walk right past because, quite frankly, I can't even AFFORD to look at LV. It makes my bank account quiver with anxiety every time I even think about looking. I'm broke. I can't afford it. 

Anyway this time I had to stop. Not because of the classic LV monogram, or because of the mirror handbags, but because of one thing, and one thing only: the Stephen Sprouse Collection. 

The pictures of this collection do no justice to how beautiful it is in person. The colors are much more vivid, and you can tell how much detail went into designing this collection. I almost cried into a graffiti wallet until I saw the price on that sucker: $545!  Too bad I can't afford to even breath around it....

50 designers united for barbie.

As a kid, I hated Barbie. Everyone else I knew liked the plastic doll. My friends had Barbies in every color and career capacity, these things had clothes, cars, houses; loads of crap. I was a tomboy therefore I was a little bit more interested in beating all the boys in baseball than in seeing how many different hairstyles I could try on a Malibu Barbie. Since then I've turned from my tomboy ways (not really) and embraced my inner girl.

Since this year is Barbie's 50th birthday (yes, the whole year), Mattel has planned a runway show this month during Fashion Week with 50 different designers crating life style looks inspired by the Barbie doll. Barbie's first ever runway show is said to celebrate the past, present, and future of fashion with the doll as the muse. 

I'm excited to see what these designers come up with. With names like Tracey Reese, Peter Som, Tory Burch, Rachel Roy, and Reem Acra (yay!) in the mix, I'm super pumped to see the final products from these folks. Plus Christian Louboutin will be creating a pump in the iconic Barbie Pink. 

Sidenote: I kinda wish Vivienne Westwood was designing something for the event. Call me crazy but I think a Vivienne Westwood x Barbie collabo would be awesome! 

hello kitty x mac cosmetics

What a great surprise! 
The Hello Kitty x MAC line dropped today, and it's all types of amazing.  I'd completely forgotten about this collaboration due to the fact that I have the memory capacity of an ant, but today in while browsing through Macy's I got the surprise of my life! 

The first thing I like to think about when faced with the opportunity to purchase makeup, is if I'll actually ever get around to wearing the stuff. With clothes I can rationalize with myself. If it's cheap, it's no big deal, but if it's expensive I have to think about how much I actually like the item. Cosmetics is a whole other ball game. I use to get caught up in buying makeup that I'd never get around to wearing. Not cool. 

So when I checked out all the products in the Hello Kitty line, although everything is fun and fabulous, I could only find about 3 products I'd actually consider wearing. The foundation hues of the collection seem to be centered around pinks, lavendars, teal, silver and white. With the exception of lavender, those colors DO NOT look good on me. Trust me, I've tried. 

With all that being said, I know the Hello Kitty line is going to be uber successful, but being an informed consumer, I know that it's definitely not for me. 

See pictures below:

Pics via Temptalia

gold star 4 the obaminator.

This has got to be the most honest thing I've ever seen a President do: admit to his mistake and tell the truth. It's a beautiful thing people.

President Obama sat down with the Anderson Cooper to talk about Tom Dashel decision not to do his taxes. This unfortunate decision caused Dashel to withdraw his nomination to be secretary of Health & Human services yesterday. Instead of sitting the the 'White House bubble' and not speaking on this situation, President Obama came out to the American people and said 'I screwed up'. 

I really love this guys way of politics. This bottom up approach is really renewing America's trust in it's government. And it's small gestures like the video above that make people trust Obama more and more...

Now Tom Dashel. Do your taxes damnit!

gangsta's don't ask questions.

According to the almighty Lil Wayne, gangsta's really don't ask questions. Um, Ok? 

Wayne did a pre Grammy interview with Katie Couric I think it was Monday night (video below). I liked the interview, I'm not a big Weezy stan, but I like some of his stuff. Anyway I learned a few things about this guy that I didn't already know, and thats pretty cool. I must not be gangsta because I learned something...because gangstas don't learn shit do they?! =)



I was at work today and was kindly informed that apparently Beyonce and Etta James are involved in a beef with one another. 

WTF?! Dude, are you serious?

So I listened to the audio and I'm being so honest when I tell you that I was a little surprised at the foolish craze this rumor has created. Ms. James didn't approve of Beyonce singing her song to Barack & Michelle Obama on Inauguration night, so she told her audience that she was going to whoop Beyonce's ass. Inappropriate. Ms. James not only went in on good ol' Bey, she also added her two cents on President Obama stating "He ain't my President. Thats your president..." Check the audio HERE:

Now I think everyone has at least a small annoyance with Beyonce if you're not a complete stan. I'm actually involved in a love/hate relationship with her at the present moment, seeing as I really don't want to like her music but can't help but too. Other than that I have no problem with her. I do not worship at her altar. I do not care what she wears or who she hangs with. If I saw her on the street I'd be surprised, but not awe struck. She's just not my thing ya know? Anyway I think Ms. James was being  a little inappropriate in what she said. Not approving of our President, fine, not approving of Beyonce, fine, but shouldn't those opinions be kept to yourself? Am I wrong or am I right?

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