o beyonce.

Beyonce performs at the 81st Academy Awards.

Ok so here's the short version of my assessment of the awards this year.
1) I totally believe that Beyonce is SO thirsty for an Academy Award that she will hoe out her talent (singing) and take movie roles that aren't suitable for her talent level, until someone gives her that damn award. A good example of this theory can be viewed in the above video. I mean WTF was her purpose in being at the show anyway?

2) I'm not at all thrilled with Alicia Key's choice to wear a wig to this years awards. You are WAY too beautiful for that. This is why I will not show a picture of it, because I don't want you all to be scarred as I am at this very minute.

3) Taraji P. Henson is my hero

4) Slumdog Millionaire is the SHIT!

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