maestro knows. pink & black air yeezys

Maestro Knows - Episode 6 (Air Yeezy Skate) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.
Levi Maestro has a new episode of his internet show Maestro Knows now up on vimeo. The episode features the black and pink Air Yeezy's that I missed out on =/. There's something about skaters with Air Yeezy's that makes my heart flutter...

Check it out!

fuck a recession. dreams are limitless.

During all the studying, the struggling, the grinding I do on a regular basis my one goal and objective has been to move to New York and get my foot in the business of writing. About what? Fashion, entertainment, music, art, whatever. I've got so many dreams it's hard to keep up with them, but one dream that has never ever wavered is my undying love of all things NYC and this one little goal I have of making it there.

I know it seems a bit far fetched, but in my world if I can make it there I can make it just about anywhere. NY Mag has an article about why people are moving to one of the most expensive city's to live in during this asshole of a recession. And I think I have the answer...

When I told my Dad I wanted to move to New York he asked me why. Why can't I write in a city like Pittsburgh, Chicago, or California for all intents and purposes. And I told him this: New York is like a big boiling pot of opportunity. Its the only place where I've felt ANYTHING is possible. It's just about the only place I've traveled to where people are 100% open to different cultures and lifestyles, which is important to me because sometimes where I live people just don't seem to get what I'm about. That part sucks. People sometimes aren't open minded enough to accept or even embrace being different or living outside the boxes life sometimes places around us. New York gets me, and damnit I'm going to get New York. Even if the shit kills me...

Fuck a recession. Dreams are limitless...


june 1st come quick.

Awhile ago I heard about the Nylon Magazine x Nike Sportswear collaboration and it made me choke on my coffee with excitement. Then I started seeing the kicks on super awesome people like Leigh Lezark of the Misshapes during fashion week and I knew I had to figure out a way to get my grubby little paws on them. In the May issue of Nylon (out on stands now) the magazine has a full spread of the kicks on some of the coolest people like Peaches Geldof and lego master's Dee & Ricky (above). The shoes drop June 1st in select Nike retailers and Urban Outfitters. In addtion to the shoes Nylon has also created a nylon windrunner. Can I get a amen?!

View more @ Highsnobiety


holy jesus batman.

I've never dated outside my race, but I'd totally do something strange for a piece of Chuck Bass's change, ya dig? YUM!


i'm glad he's yummy again.

I think the mullet was the one thing killing my mojo for Kanye West. Now that it's gone I suddenly remember why I loved him in the first place. Here's his video for 'Amazing' featuring Young Jeezy.

updates & shizzz.

Hey Everyone & their perspective mama's!

Yea so I haven't been blogging as much as I use to due to 2 things. 1) I've had school work so far up my ass I can't see, think, much less blog straight, so I've been taking care of that first so I can graduate and get on with my life or at least what I think my life should be. And 2) Aside from school work and the occasional fuckery filled evening, I've had my hands in a yummy new project with some really fun people. I'm not going to delve into what exactly the project is, but just know that I'm super duper psyched about it. Some of the people I'm bringing on board are fellow bloggers Rio, Kayta, Rachel, Drew, and my homegirl Katya. I can't tell you how excited I am to start making magic with these magical people. Words can't even describe how I'm sure we'll be shitting on this blogging industry SOON.

Ok. Love you all that read my daily ranting. I'm going to try my damndest to get my mojo back and get this shizz popping again. Back to your regularly scheduled fuckery.

Love, Shits, and Giggles...
Deeeeeee Moneyyyyyy



Let me first and foremost begin this post by saying that I am in no way shape or form a Beyonce hater. Even though about 40% of her music moves me, I still believe in the power that is Sasha Fierce. Now that that's aside I will proceed with my laughter...

I guess today the Today show decided to leak audio of Beyonce which happens to be SUPER unflattering. And my unflattering I mean horrible. And by horrible I mean WTF?! Yea check out the video below of Queen B singing 'If I Were A Boy' and then proceed to pick up your face off the dirty ground.

Yes, it's THAT bad...


asher 'i'd do this white boy' roth: asleep in the bread aisle.

I have nothing to say right now, but...
Get this shit RIGHT NOW.
Ok. All done =)


hellz M.I.A. denim jacket

So this Friday, while out with my BFF Brandon I found the Hellz Bellz jacket I've been searching for like 3 months. The Hellz M.I.A. Denim Jacket has been haunting my dreams, and streetwear boutique here in Pittsburgh Timebomb had the shiz in the fuggin WINDOW. My heart literally stopped for 10 seconds with excitement. I went into the store and picked it off the window and bought it without even looking at the price...BALLIN!!!!!

Now the jacket is on Karmaloop so you can get one too!


never lose google hits. just your panties.

Lindsay Lohan has been in the spotlight for a long time now. And although she's made a bunch of movies (uhh..ok) it's been her personal life that has kept her a star. I had a post awhile ago that posed the question of what this chick actually does for a living anymore (besides creating leggings), and I guess now that she's not with Sam Ronson this is it. She's resorted to making Funny or Die Videos...
O Lilo...

air stab @ 21 mercer street.


Being that I'm a connoisseur/ crackhead for all things sneaker related, the news of Nike's Air Stab model being available to customize online via the Nike website, and in the 21 Mercer Street iD Studio in New York, IS HUGE NEWS.

Nike’s Air Stab runner makes it debut at the 21 Mercer iD Studio. Much like the previous Air Force 1 interpretations, the Air Stab receives a wealth of custom options. Chosen materials include denim, mesh, distressed leather, patent leather and even printed vinyl. Of course, the kicks are given a slew of panel variations and laces as well. Appointments can now be made to design your own pair of Nike Air Stabs. via Hypebeast
So last night I decided to take a stab (pun intended) at designing a pair of stabs for myself and here's what I came up with.


If you like what you see, be sure to check out the Nike website for more information or if your in or near the New York area make sure you stop by the Nike iD Studio at 21 Mercer Street.

Nike Sportswear
21 Mercer Street
New York, NY 10013
P+ 212.226.5433


nikon D5000 DSLR camera.

My (blank) birthday is coming up in about a month, and I've been searching for things to ask my family and close friends to cop for me since I'm obviously a broke college student. I'm normally pretty modest when it comes to my birthday, usually I'm the friend that's completely indecisive about what she wants. It's really because if I want something I'll save up for it myself, but this year I'm making a list and this camera is numero uno.

I've been searching for a nice SLR camera for quite awhile. I'm a picture whore, and the more I delve into my creative side the more I find the need for a quality professional camera. I'm just trying to figure out if $843 USD is too much money. My Dad will probably loose a kidney when he see's the price tag...LOL...So that's why I'm asking my sister!

But isn't it so pretty?!

jeremy scott x adidas spring/summer 09

Jeremy Scott is one of my favorite designers right now. His collections for Adidas Orignals by Orignals always brings the goods and never ceases to amaze me. If you've been reading you'll noticed that I posted the preview pictures of his Fall 09' collection and now Adidas retailer Open Ceremony is giving us a peek at the Spring/Summer 2009 collection.

This collection is definitely not for the faint, seeing as leopard print is prevalent throughout on both men's and women's garments . The print is shown on lots of track suiting, over sized tee's and tanks, but I think what really makes me excited about Jeremy Scott is the shoes he designs. The JS Wings from a previous season effortlessly mixed an 80's basketball shoe with a little imagination and literally had wings on them.

Loving the fringe tops and the purple and gold kicks!

If you like what you see, check out the collection at Opening Ceremony.

Images via Hypebeast


happy belated easter!

Saturday night I went out with friends and got a little intoxicated. The night was total awesomeness to say the least. I didn't get home until a little after 6am and had to go to the 7:30 am service with my Dad because he insisted on missing the crowd. So in my tiredness I forgot to post this lovely picture and say Happy Easter to everyone!

Hope you all had an amazing time with your friends and family. What did everyone end up doing?

come on now.

Andy Warhol once said "Art is what you can get away with...". I'm not sure this is what he meant. L.A. based pop artist Sham Ibrahim has created these Andy Warhol-ish paintings with non other than Rihanna's mug shot...the aftermath of the alleged Chris Brown attack. Yea, I'm not sure this was such a great idea. What does everyone else think?

all the hoes standing in the line for the bathroom.

According to this CNN article my pal KP found, fellatio is apparently not only good if you'd like to have perfect skin. It's also a tool to fight breast cancer.
(AP) -- Women who perform the act of fellatio and swallow semen on a regular basis, one to two times a week, may reduce their risk of breast cancer by up to 40 percent, a North Carolina State University study found.
They studied over 15,000 women who were suspected of sucking the peen and swallowing the goods over a 10 year period. Research showed that women taking part in the act at least twice a week had a lower occurrence of breast cancer than those women that didn't do it as often. All I have to say is...BLANK STARE. Just another reason for a man to ask for that gift...


m.i.s.s. crew post. The Obamas' European Adventure.

Hey Everyone!

A new post for my column over at M.I.S.S. Crew went up this morning. It's about the President and First Lady's trip to Europe that took place last week. Hope you guys get the chance to check it out and comment.

when all you can do is sigh.

Look what I found on Twitter today...

In case you think your eyes are playing nasty tricks on you, you'll notice that the picture of the half bald chick is indeed Cassie 'Diddy's ball tickler' Ventura (that was mean, but I couldn't help it). She's got a new hair cut...Uhhh yea, I don't really get it. I'm all for reinventing ones self and not giving a fuck about what other people say, but something about the drastic changes I've seen in some celebs just doesn't sit well with me. Seems like now a days people don't focus on improving and allowing their art to speak for them, they rely on gimmicks to get press (good or bad) and go from there. She's beautiful regardless, but really? REALLY?

Not so sure about this. Dare to be different...I guess.
What do you guys think?!


kanye is a gay fish.

South Park is one of my favorite shows. Doesn't matter how offensive or vulgar the show can sometimes be, I don't care. This clip just magnified my love...Kanye is a Gay Fish. YES!



lauryn hill to rise from the dead.

Lauryn Hill is slated to be one of about 1000 artists performing at the 43rd Swiss festival which runs from July 3 to the 18th. Good news to those of us who have played our copies of The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill until it wouldn't freaking play anymore, and those of us who worship wholeheartedly at the altar that is Lauryn Hill. Or maybe that's just me...I'm super excited about this news.

Maybe Lauryn will come out of hiding and make another album. One could only hope...

on some bullshit.

Nina Sky announced the completion of their first video in 5 years for their single 'On Some Bullshit'. All I have to say is YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

Epic girl crush indeed! I love how their laced in Hellz and MadeMe!


dimepiece delivers the yummies.

I saw pictures via Laura Dimes Twitter page a couple weeks ago of the behind the scenes for this lookbook. The end product is beautiful to say the least. Dimepiece never fails to deliever the goods as far as I'm concerned. I'm excited that they've decided to add cut and sewn pieces to their collection, I think it diversifies their brand a bit. Check out the photos below!

To see the lookbook in it's entirety check out the Dimepiece website HERE.

the end of an era.

This weekend Missbehave Magazine unveiled their new website. If you didn't know the beloved girly mag announced a few months ago that they would indeed be going digital after their March 2009 issue dropped.

I actually enjoy the new site. I found the blog/site before to be confusing, especially after my favorite person in the world Sarah Morrison left the magazine. I'll be sad not to receive the magazine in the mail anymore, but like a good friend of mine said, magazines are a dying breed of publication. Too bad it's my hearts desire to work for one...Go figure.

So what does everyone think about the new change to Missbehave Mag?


nina ricci fall 09: shoe preview.

What in holy fashion hell is this? I can't put into words what a spectacle these shoes are. Even if you think their hideous (ehhhh sorta) you can't help but marvel at the creativity that went into creating a shoe of this capacity. These are definately works of art. These shoes will not be made in volume for the Fall season seeing as probably very few women could pull them off, and even fewer women would actually spend the change to purchase them. For now they'll go down in fashion history as the most interesting shoes to hit a runway...

One thing though. How the heck do you walk in them?


m.i.s.s. crew post. The e-Diplomat.

Hayyyyy! I've got my own column on M.I.S.S. Crew where I update you wonderful fashionista's out there on the state of our political world. Not bad ehh? It's called 'The World According to M.I.S.S.' and new posts will be put up every Friday, so be sure to look out for them! Holllllaaaaa!

bliggity bliggty blog awards.

My day has started out wonderfully because 2 of my favorite fellow bloggers Rio & Rachie have given me a wonderful award. I fuggin love u guys so much!

So the rules are:
1)Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it.
2)Don’t forget to mention the person who gives you the award.
3)Answer the award’s question by writing the reason why you love blogging.
4)Tag and distribute the award to as many people as you like.
5)Don’t forget to notify the award receivers and put their links in your post.

Why I love Blogging (clears throat).
I started this blog as a way to vent about a premature quarter life crisis I was in the midst of. I had recently had my heart broken, my friends were becoming far and few between, my monetary situation was beyond shitty, and I needed someone or something else to cry to instead of the flaky friends I had and my father. So I started this diary be the shoulder I needed to cry on.

After my crisis I decided to use this space as a place where I could showcase my many interests (fashion, art, music, politics, writing, fuckery), somewhere that would mirror the type of person I am. I love my blog because like my girl Rio said on her blog, it's all me. When people look at The Diary of a Broke College Student, even if they don't know me personally, I want them to feel like the could get to know me. That personable quality my little space on the internet has, is what gets people coming back. I love this shit. I love me. But most of all, I love my readers...You guys are the reason I keep this up! MUAH!

So these are the people I'm giving this award too. You guys are amazing! One day in my constant travels I hope I'll actually be able to meet and hange with each of you. I cannot wait to see you do big things with your lives!


camel hump will beat yo ass.

Found this gem over @ Necole Bitchie. If you thought Beyonce was all love and positivity. Think again. She's got another side to her sunshine image. This chick will apparently whoop that ass. Check it out!

Beyonce Can Fight! from Necole Bitchie on Vimeo.
Mmmm maybe I should stop calling her camel hump? Nahhhhhhh!

i want to go to there.

Topshop USA opened it's doors officially in Soho today. I'm sick with excitement and anxiety because this means every time I step into New York even for a second I have go and look at all the pretty clothes. Even though I can only afford the lint off the Kate Moss collection...Sad.

I want these! May get them for my (blank) birthday. Yeeeessssss!

camel hump.

I want to go to Beyonce's 'I Am...Sasha Fierce' tour just to marvel at her lace front wig. That camel hump ain't NO JOKE. Also, can someone tell me WTF is behind her? Scary...

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