js wings.

For those of you looking or just wanting to gawk at the Adidas Originals by Originals JS Wing shoe by Jeremy Scott...here it is. There's a bunch of pairs on eBay selling for about $330 a pair. And that's not including shipping by the way. It's good to dream, isn't it?

For those not interested in dreaming, you can cop these lovelies HERE.

after midnight.

'After Midnight' is a collection of portraits by visual artist Steven Lopez which profiles prominent singers such as, India Arie, Sade, Jill Scott, and Tina Turner just to name a few Recently my epic girl crush Erykah Badu signed 100 copies of the portrait Mr. Lopez did of her which will be available for sale midnight April 15th exclusively on AfterMidnightSoul.com.

Erykah Badu and Artist Steven Lopez collaborate for social change from Steven Lopez on Vimeo.

maestro knows. anthony hamilton.

Another episode of my favorite web show Maestro Knows. In this episode Maestro and MJ are kicking it with none other than singer and Grammy winner Anthony Hamilton. Check it out!

Maestro Knows - Episode 2 (Anthony Hamilton) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.
Maestro's now on Twitter. Hit him up HERE.


girl crush: Rachel Tran.

So for the next couple of editions of my unofficial 'Girl Crush' column, I've decided to profile some of my closest friends, blogging pals, or just women I'm totally crushing on style wise. Here's the first one...

Rachel Tran otherwise known as Rachie Pie is one of the illest dressed women I've seen in awhile. She hails from London and is one of my fellow writers on M.I.S.S. Crew. I admire her fashion sense and her ability to wear kicks, or 'trainers' to you Londonites, with girly chic clothing and come out looking spectacular. Her sneaker game is off the hook! Just check for yourself on her blog Leopard Print & Lace. Rachie Pie your my hero!
Rachel you're on to big and bright things! I can feel it!!!
Ok. Homo moment over lol...

vintage royalty.

Vintage Royalty a unique jewelry company which specializes in earrings, broaches, and necklaces, was created in 2008 by a college classmate of mine Meena Osei-Kuffour. All the earrings in the line are made from paper and fabric with prices running from about $10 - $15. Great for the fashionista on a budget!
Check out Meena's creations on Etsy HERE.
Be sure to also follow Vintage Royalty on Twitter HERE.
She's also got a blog called Gossip Me Style, you can visit that HERE.

the 'it' shoe.

The Louis Vuitton 'Spicy' sandal is being named as the 'it' shoe of the 2009 Spring/Summer season. And I couldn't agree more. From fashionista's in Paris and New York to Kanye West's jumpoff, I mean girlfriend, Amber Rose...I've been seeing these shoes everywhere.

The collection offers a wide array of stilettos in rare feathers, tribal inspired laces, gold rivets, and a host of other embellishments to tie into the tribal theme of the season. At a STEEP price point (from about $1,540 - $2,778) the collection offers up 6 different styles to choose from.
Does anyone else love these as much as I do? I'm just waiting for a Steve Madden knock off in 5..4..3..2..YOU KNOW THEIR GONNA MAKE ONE!

Check out I LVoe LV HERE for more info and prices on all the models.

dora? is that you?

Yes, that is indeed Dora. As in 'Dora the Explorer'. Girl, you got grown on the kid, YEESH! As odd as it may seem, seeing this picture of Dora reminds me of my 13 year old sister Darrah. She HATED this show when she was younger because kids at school would tell her she looked like the cartoon simply because she's half Hispanic. Baby girl didn't like that!

So do we love Dora's new look?


is it bullet proof?

Being that my awesome sister is forking over some pesos so I can get a new Nike Wind Runner for my birthday, I made my way to the Nike Sportswear site to browse and pick which one I want. While I'm there checking prices (uh..it's a recession) and seeing which styles would compliment all my kicks, I ran into this:
Yea, I know what you're thinking. 'But D, that's just a jacket, whats the big deal?!' Welp the big deal is that while ALL of the other windbreakers featured on Nike's website range in prices from $80 - $110 this little shit of a jacket is a whooping $395. No that is not a typo...the shit is almost $400. What fuckery is this?!

While I'm sure there are those out there who look at this as cheap and affordable, I cannot sit back and keep quiet. If you didn't know IT'S A DAMN RECESSION GOING ON RIGHT NOW. Who in the hell can even afford this? Shit like this pisses me off, I hate how you have to pay so much for something so small. I love love LOVE streetwear and independent designers, but why O WHY must you all be so expensive?

My homegirl Bri said it best:
Am I just trippin? Would any of you pay this much for a jacket?


did i miss something?

Can someone answer this question for me? WHEN THE HELL DID SHOULDER PADS MAKE A COMEBACK?! In my daily explorations of all things fashion, I must have missed the memo that said 'Hey You...Shoulder Pads are back!'. I know Rihanna is one fashion forward maven and all, but dang, shoulder pads? Forreal?

As much as I love the 80's and early 90's the concept of shoulder pads is one idea that needs to burn in the hottest point of fashion HELL. They remind me of my mom's entire wardrobe when I was younger (shudder...), and come to think of it they also remind me of Grace Jones. Is this Rihanna's attempt to channel her inner Grace? Uhhhh lets leave the shoulder pads n stuff to Ms Jones. I think she does it better anyway...

So am I being a hater, or would you rock shoulder pads too?!

where the wild things are.

I use to be obsessed with this book when I was younger. I still have the book my dad bought damn near 15 years ago tucked away is some obscure box in my basement. Last summer Urban Outfitters was selling a graphic tee with the cover of the book on it, and I was so excited about it, I bought 2! Now their making a movie about the beloved book, and although I'll be the first in line to see it like a 5 year old groupie, I'm not too excited about it. Hollyhood has a way of making classic books really crappy movies. Harry Potter anyone?!

Peep the trailer below, and make sure to see the movie when it comes out October 16, 2009!


when all else fails. do some hoe shit.

Here is a video of my EPIC girl crush Erykah Badu schooling us on how to make in the mean streets of the entertainment world. Stop. Collaborate. Listen...

"Just be butt naked. Butt naked with glitter on, and a beeper..."

Caught this over at SneakerSlut!

does anyone remember this?

Remember Space Jam? That 90's movie with Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny? Total AWESOMENESS! Found this on InYourClosetNYC...

Must. Cop. NOW...

way to stick to em'

Rihanna got a new tattoo ya'll!

I'm a huge fan of RiRi's tattoo game, I've got a bunch myself, but this just seems a bit...eh...over the top maybe? Rihanna we all know you're bad ass and all, but dang, a gun?! I hate guns, with a passion...once my friend told me she wanted me to go to a shooting range with her and I damn near stopped being her friend. My distain for firearms is right up there with my loathing of liars...

So do we love it?!


sebago x LA MJC: 40th anniversary dockside shoe.

This summer I made a vow to rock more boat shoes.
Or whatever they're called...

Sebago is celebrating their 40th Anniversary by teaming up with LA MJC and creating a collection of 3 different pairs of dock shoes. The pair pictured above and below are of course for the ladies. Only 40 pairs were created and they can be snatched up exclusively at Collette.

o. hell. naw.

Who thought this was funny? Beyonce stans around the globe are about to set it off. I can feel it!

mmmmm cudi mmmmm.

Lets just get this out in the air. I love me some Kid Cudi. Despite his recent retirement threat, the fact that he's from Cleveland, and that sometimes he looks like he's hanging off Kanye's nuts harder than a bisexual stripper, I still love him. His music is inspiring, his style is impeccably refreshing, and he's sexy. I'm sorry, but he is...

Here he his talking with Karmaloop about who he is as an artist and looking delicious while doing so.


invisible for the last time.

I'm applying right now to be a Vibe Magazine intern and it got me thinking.

I've spent the last couple years of my life as a student working toward a dream I didn't take seriously. Writing has always been a hobby for me, something I love to do, but had no way of knowing if it was the right path for me to take. I had no idea that I could be successful at this craft. Writing and sharing my world on this blog and others have opened my eyes to what I'm capable of doing. I cannot express to you the joy I've found in doing what I love to do. It's invigorating and exciting.

I've had my share of ups and downs just like any other man or woman out in this world trying to make a name for her or himself, but right now I want/need a breakthrough in a major way. I'm hoping and praying that this is my big break. Getting this internship will open doors for me I previously never imagined me going through. I need this.

Ok. Rant over.
Lonely dreamer out...

rayban DIY colorized wayfarer.

Back in December I read on a couple blogs that Rayban was slated to drop a pair of Do It Yourself Wayfarers. I'm not a huge do it yourself kind of girl, but I appreciate a good arts and crafts project every now and then. The glasses are white and come equipped with a few markers so you can get your Picasso on. Not sure if I like the idea of paying 100+ dollars for glasses that I have to take home and do additional work on. I mean, what if you mess up?

Check out more on these glasses HERE.
So would you cop these DIY Rayban Wayfarers?

claw money on ugly betty.

I love CLAW Money. I don't love how expensive their stuff can be, but for some reason my collection of their goods keeps growing. Anyway, just saw this tweet that Claw Money is being represented on one of my favorite shows Ugly Betty. It just so happens that I also own the Peacock Crew that Justin has on...HA!

Check out CLAW Money HERE
And be sure to follow CLAW on Twitter HERE

atmos x reebok sir jam exclusive set.

Sneaker boutique Atmos and Reebok teamed up to create these exclusive Sir Jams. It's got 4 different colorways as shown in the picture above. I like them because of the contrast of the pastel and vibrant colors each shoe holds. Is it just me or do a lot of kicks this season have pastel colors? Everyone's damn foot is gonna look like an Easter egg this spring/summer. Yeesh

You can find these kicks for about $139 HERE
via Hypebeast

converse. chuck high monochromatic.

Converse can do no wrong in my book. I've been a Chuck Taylor fan for most of my life, and will continue to rock these until I die. Ask my friend Katya...she knows. Chucks with jeans, Chucks with a dress...doesn't matter.

These Chucks are slated to drop in September. Their basically just like the classic All Star model with the exception of the translucent logo. The colorways are Charcoal, Royal Blue and Chocolate Brown.

via TrashBagAesthetics

new name 4 my m.i.s.s. crew column.

Hey guys! I've got to come up with a name for the column I write for M.I.S.S. Crew. I'm excited because it kind of sets the work I do for the magazine in stone. I'll have weekly articles about interesting things going on in the political world, which is nice because it allows me to jump out of my comfort zone.

Anyway, I need to come up with a name for it. Any suggestions would really help me out! The winning name will get a shout out in my next post, a virtual hug from yours truly, and gratitude from the kid for life.

Ok, get to thinking. Remember it's a political blog!

maestro knows. episode 1

I think I'm addicted to this kid.
He makes me want to move to LA and I don't even really like LA. Anyway, here's episode 1 of his web show Maestro Knows where he shows off his dunking skills in a pair of magical Air Yeezy's. Yes, that's right. AIR YEEZY'S. Watch and be amazed...

Maestro Knows - Episode 1 (Nike Air Yeezy) from Maestro Knows on Vimeo.
Check out Maestro HERE



Found this @ herfection!
Best surprise YET. Didn't get to watch the live stream of the Fader Fort event with G.O.O.D. Music at the South by Southwest event, but I peeped this. It's my baby daddy Common's performance of 'Love of My Life' with my epic girl crush Erykah Badu. Eeeeeeeeekkkkk!

keri, kanye, x neyo: knock you down.

I really like this song, it's been on the favorite playlist on my iPod for a couple of days now, and it never seems to get old. Maybe it's because loves done a 1, 2, step on my behind before lol. Peep the video below. Kanye and Keri have amazing chemistry...Hmmm.

I love this video. Super cute!
I guess now I see why dudes are on Ms Keri so hard, she's beautiful!
Did anyone peep wtf was on the back of Yeezy's head? And are those Brian Litchenburg pants shes got on? I can't tell...

video fuckery @ work.

This video was made minutes before my horrible night at a ghetto ass bar. Enjoy.

new nails.

Got my nails done yesterday. Finally!
New spring peach color via Urban Outfitters. Get you a piece!

jeremy scott x adidas fall 09' preview.

Jeremy Scott and Adidas have dropped some preview pictures of J. Scott's Fall 09' collection for the sneaker brand. I must say, this stuff reminds me of the late 80's early 90's something fierce. But I love it none the less.
From the looks of it the line is only going to be available at selected retailers across the globe. Just another reason for me to dip out of the states and never come back. Sigh...

So, do we love it?!
via STREEThing

chocolate thunder

Fergie was at a Nordstrom department store this weekend promoting her new shoe collection (insert blank stare). Not sure what type of Fergalicious creations the line holds, but something in my soul tells me I'll be less than impressed. What I am impressed with is her hair color. It looks really nice on her. Good Job!

a little like soft porn.

Here's the video for Ciara's new song with Justin Timberlake entitled 'Love, Sex, and Magic'. I honestly wasn't excited about the song until I saw this video a few moments ago.

Love Sex Magic from Necole Bitchie on Vimeo.
Ciara has an amazing body. Her and Justin's chemistry is fire in the video, but some moments it damn near looked like they were about to get it on the floor. Soft porn maybe? Hmmmmm
Via NecoleBitchie


the peter parker moment.

So yea..Kid Cudi isn't retiring. According to the video below he says that his personal life was fucked up but he was killin it as Kid Cudi. Compared his experience to Spiderman when Peter Parker wanted to quit being the man when his personal life was messed up. Or something like that. Check the video.

I love Kid Cudi, I can't wait to get to opportunity to watch him perform live someday, but these little temper tantrums some of these new artists have...one day your in, the next out...is getting annoying. I hope we don't see another one of these temper tantrums. Like EVER...


new kicks!

Got these babies today!

Do we love them?!

happy birthday dollabill.

(Disclaimer: EPIC ew @ me in the picture. FAIL)
Today is my Dad's birthday. For those of you that don't know me personally, my Dad is my best friend, my biggest cheerleader, and has supported my dreams full on no matter how retarded some of them sound. When I made the decision to move back home this summer and finish school here, he never once made me feel inadequate or lost faith in me, like some my family and friends did. His love and support means the world to me, and I'm so happy today is his birthday so we can go out and get wasted together! Just kidding =).

I'm going to make him read this post later, so be sure to leave a birthday message so he can feel special!

kid cudi: the guy i fell in love with.

Ok this is the guy whose music I kinda admire. This is him. Not that retirement talking, crying like a 5 year old who got his candy stolen, dude...Watch and be amazed.

Cudders. Call me...

This is especially for Kayta. She's lost a little faith in the Cudders, as have I, maybe this will restore it...=)

Via DatNewCudi

m.i.s.s. crew & JENESIS mag posts.

My new post on M.I.S.S. Crew went up this morning. It's about Mark Rudd and his work with the Students for a Democratic Society and the Weathermen group. If you don't know who he is, check out my post HERE.

I've also been hard at work on my new blog over at JENESIS Magazine. Been posting ish like a mad woman! Check out my blog and the magazine itself HERE.

Thanks guys for reading my stuff and giving feedback. You all are valued so much by me!

stussy 'great minds' collection.

Stussy unveiled a new collection of tee's entitled 'Great Minds'. The collection pays homage to some of the influential minds in fields such as politics, psychology, economics, and philosophy. Each tee recreates a portrait of the intellectual and adds a bits of commentary about their life's work. If you like what you see, Stussy will be releasing the shirts March 21, 2009 at Stussy Chapter stores.
Via Hypebeast.


relationship FAIL.

Mya and Gucci Mane were caught flirting and canoodling at some thing some where. This digusts me in so many different ways. The biggest reason I'm currently throwing up in my mouth from these pics is because Gucci Mane JUST got out of prison. Yes, PRISON. Mya, you are too good for this!

Spotted this over at Crunk & Disorderly. If you want a good laugh check out Fresh, she has me dying with laughter on the regular.

the stuff of dreams.

This is what dreams are made of. Well at least my dreams...
Gianfranco Ferre stiletto heels spotted over at Jak&Jill...
Does that purple Lanvin dress (pictured above) make your heart flutter or is that just me? Ahhhhhhhhhhh!


snl digital short: i'm on a boat.

If you haven't seen/heard about this it's quite possible you've been living under a rock. Allow me to educate dat ass...'I'M ON A BOAT!'


diddy talks twitter.

Just wanted to share this with you all! Diddy's twitter is the truth!


Does this gross anyone else out, or is it just me?
I love Gossip Girl, but dang. Does it gotta be all that?

rest in eternal peace natasha richardson.

Actress Natasha Richardson died today in New York after she had been critically injured while skiing in Canada. Apparently after a tumble down a snow covered hill while taking ski lessons, the 45 year old actress was conscious and coherent, but was then taken to the hospital after complaining of a massive headache.

I'm keeping her family in my prayers...You should as well.

for the girl who has everything. except hair.

I've seen some messed up things in my day.
But nothing...I repeat...NOTHING compares to this Tom Fuckery...
Yes your eyes are not deceiving you. These are Baby Bangs, the patent pending creation of one of God's creatures. Who ever that creature is, they need to sit the hell down ASAP.

Why must I cry?!

jf & son: fall winter collection.

I love how women's streetwear isn't just defined as a bunch of rude tee's and ill kicks anymore. It can also be classified as fashion forward cut and sewn pieces like the ones produced by JF & Son creators Katie King and Jeese Finklestein. Check out my favorite pieces from their Fall/Winter 2009 collection below. The collection in my opinion is oozing with a lady like sophistication that screams edgyness!
Check out JF & Son HERE

a portrait of elegance.

I couldn't help myself...
Fierce Frankie gets me EVERY TIME!

the bush & the tush.

Kim K and her homegirl Reggie Bush (yea I said homegirl...and what?!) recently did a photo shoot together for GQ magazine. I must admit they are cute together. But I stand by my theory that she sucked the swag outta his ass...

This bitch got mad lucky...

rowlf & the swedish chef.

The last time Seth Rogan was on SNL he did this opening skit. Unless you've been living under a rock for most of your life, you'll notice that their characters are indeed Muppet's. Watch and be amazed!

Seth Rogan hosts SNL again April 4th!


ahhhhh get some.

I've been hard at work writing for my new job as a JENESIS Magazine blogger. Some of my new posts have been approved and placed on my blog. Do yourself a favor and check ya girl out!

The Diary of an Individualist on JENESIS Magazine!

hmm. are those sparks i see?

This is behind the scenes footage from Keri Hilson's teaser video for a single 'Make Love' off of her much anticipated album dropping this month (I think). It features Kanye West as a special guest. The behind the scenes video is so funny...I SWEAR I could see sparks flying between the two. Amber Rose: Cuff you man! Ms Keri may be on the prowl lol.

I must admit, they're super cute together...

no one does it like a most official bitch.

Leah McSweeney and her band of Most Official Bitches never cease to amaze and inspire me. Here's a few pics I found at Highsnobette of the brands second spring offering.

I love how their venturing into offering more variety in their denim and producing various cut and sewn pieces, including the Flight Dress pictured below. They've also created a longer tee that would look amazing over leggings with a nice pair of Jeremy Scott Adidas! Yum!

I will be copping this ish as soon as my money allows. TRUST.

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