is it bullet proof?

Being that my awesome sister is forking over some pesos so I can get a new Nike Wind Runner for my birthday, I made my way to the Nike Sportswear site to browse and pick which one I want. While I'm there checking prices (uh..it's a recession) and seeing which styles would compliment all my kicks, I ran into this:
Yea, I know what you're thinking. 'But D, that's just a jacket, whats the big deal?!' Welp the big deal is that while ALL of the other windbreakers featured on Nike's website range in prices from $80 - $110 this little shit of a jacket is a whooping $395. No that is not a typo...the shit is almost $400. What fuckery is this?!

While I'm sure there are those out there who look at this as cheap and affordable, I cannot sit back and keep quiet. If you didn't know IT'S A DAMN RECESSION GOING ON RIGHT NOW. Who in the hell can even afford this? Shit like this pisses me off, I hate how you have to pay so much for something so small. I love love LOVE streetwear and independent designers, but why O WHY must you all be so expensive?

My homegirl Bri said it best:
Am I just trippin? Would any of you pay this much for a jacket?

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