for colored girls who watched this trailer and cried.

I've commented on this impending film plenty of times.
I'm waiting for it's November release date for it Tyler Perry to put up or infinitely shut me up.

The trailer looks great, if it means anything to anyone.

yiddish #8| dear life.

Dear Life,

I love you. Although there are times I really cannot comprehend you, I still love you. You make every bullshit person, place, and object worth getting up for in the morning, and the path you've laid out for me is beginning to paint the picture I've been dreaming of. Keep up whatever it is you're doing. The people, the plan, the work, and the success is all worth it.

I wouldn't have it or you any other way.

Love always,


yiddish| #7

[begin thoughtful rant]

All anyone wants is to find someone that is willing to fight for them.
Somewhere during that longing you have to find the ability to fight for yourself.
Because you are all you have.

Does that make sense?

[end thoughtful rant]

the arcade fire tour posters.

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Designed by Ben LaFond of Burlesque Design in collaboration with Dan Black of Landland.
Anyone know where I can purchase these?

oxxford clothes.

Unique craftsmanship since 1916.
All done by hand.
This is beyond perfect.


lanvin x h&m.

November 23rd.
November 23rd.
November 23rd!!!

Alber Elbaz I could kiss you right now!

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