for colored girls who have considered suicide after finding out Tyler Perry was producing this film.

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According to Variety Tyler Perry, the creator of cult classic films centering on black women and their "issues", is directing, producing and writing, the film adaptation of Ntozake Shange's award winning play For Colored Girls Who have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow isn't Enuf. The play, a series of 20 choreopoems set to music telling stories of abandonment, love, domestic abuse, and other important issues surrounding black women.

In all honesty the only benefit I can see to Tyler Perry being the spearhead for this project is how much money is going to be made. It's a known fact that he's capable of bringing in predominately African American crowds and their pocketbooks to his productions, but what I know of his movies, I don't like. Sometimes things shouldn't be over sensationalized because it ultimately takes away from the impact it could potentially have. I'd rather see this film be a cult classic than a box office hit.

This play was and still is one of my favorite books, so you'd think I'd be at least a little excited about it. Well...I'm not. If I tried hard enough I could list at least 5 other directors, writers, and producers I think will do this production the justice it deserves. Personally I'd like to see what Spike Lee would do with it. I'd take 40 Acres and a Mule over cross dressing granny's with anger issues any day. [jezebel]

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