attention deficit.

I must admit, out of all the new artists coming out with albums this year, Wale has flown under my radar lately, mostly because I hate his emo tweets. Kid Cudi showed his twitter followers and blog fans his artwork weeks ago, and it left much to be desired. Well at least for me it did. Aside from 'Chillen' his debut single with Lady Gaga (whom we still haven't determined is a man, woman or transgender yet), I love his music, especially his newest single to leak 'World Tour' with Jazmine Sullivan. Last year his mixtape was on constant repeat, and his song 'Back in the Gogo' with the sugar daddy of my dreams Bun B is still in my favorites playlist on my iPod.

I love his album artwork. Completely conveys the ADD message he's trying so hard to get across. Can't wait for the album! [herfection]

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