there's an app for that..

I don't think anyone loves those iPhone application commercials more than I do. Sometimes I wish SNL would do a digital short called "There's an App for that..." and just make up the most ridiculous applications ever. I think Apple beat SNL (or rather me) to the punch with this one...

T Pain is not my favorite person. When he first arrived on the scene this auto tuning, finger snappin', dread lock flipping, top hat wear MC/singer he was absolutely in my iPod. But that was before the 'Big Ass Chain' incident, and before everyone, their aunt, and cousin down the street started using auto tune and wore it the hell out. Now I can't stomach T Pain. I can't even stand to look at him with one eye open after his shitty explanation as to why he bought a chain bigger than my torso and expensive enough to feed a struggling nation of children. Just when I thought I was through with him for good, THIS appears.

iPhone has officially gone stupid by creating an application that allows you to sing T Pain's jams using the auto tune device that made him famous. With the "I Am T-Pain" application you can choose amongst several of T-Pain hits and basically sing the lyrics that pop up on your phone kareoke style. What's most interesting though is that some of the songs include duets with T-Pain, and when your finished you can post your music onto Crackbook or Myspace. If your interested, application is about $3 on iTunes...[gizmodo]

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