food for thought. because we all need it.


to infinity & beyond.

Found this gem via my good pals Loren, Terrence, and Noah over at FindYourDreams. Be nice and pay them a visit!

I'm a crazy big fan of cartoon movies. Some of my favorite flicks are produced by Pixar, but my favorite hands down is Toy Story. There's a lot of wisdom and quotable gems in those films so please watch the trailer for Toy Story 3 and get with it. Making it's way to a theater near all of us June 18, 2010. YAY!

"You've got a friend in me..."


you should totally be a video girl.

I love Rihanna.

And in some far off corner of my mind, I think she loves me back. She shows this love by being extra fierce at all times. Sometimes I wish she'd show more of her love for me by getting a relaxer but I digress. Here she is in Kanye's newest video from his emotional (read. depressing.) album 808's & Heartbreak, for one of my favorite tracks 'Paranoid'. Enjoyyyyyyyyy!

married to the mob: same shit new season.

While I am a big fan of women's streetwear brand Married to the Mob, I've got to say they produce the same stuff every season. Although I'm excited their expanding by adding more cut and sewn pieces in the mix this season (swimsuits), I'm a little disappointed they haven't reached far enough into the creative portions of their minds to reinvent the tee shirts designs a lot of us have come to love.

With their summer collection look book flying all over the web yesterday I couldn't help but think to myself "gee I've seen this before...". There is only so many times you can put "Money Over Bitches" on a tee shirt before I start rummaging through my closet and saying "I've already got this".

With Married to the Mob you get the same thing. Ignorant straight shooting messages with the same verbiage and script that always have the word BITCH somewhere in the mix. Not that anything is wrong with that, I own tons of MOB stuff, but it would be nice to see them venture in a different path with some of their designs.

The stuff is starting to look a bit redundant dontcha think?

my ode to being old.

Today is my blank birthday.

Ok well I might as well tell the world, today I turn 23. Yes you saw that correct...23 aka venti-tres aka OLD. I know, I know, I look about 12, but in reality I am a grown woman with the face of a preteen. Today is going to be a good day, although I've got a mountain to climb and things to check off my to do list, today I will give thanks.

1) To God - Thanks for another year of life, hopefully you won't kick my tush as hard as you did last year, but at least I know you do it because you love me.

2) To My Parents - (Mom) for pushing so hard and giving birth to a wonder kid like me, and (Dad) for pushing and believing in me even when I didn't (and sometimes still don't) believe in myself.

3) To My Friends (the real ones) - Thanks for the drinks, the talks, the Instant Messages, and for being honest with me when no one else knew how too. You can really tell who your friends are because their the ones who remember it's your birthday and send you @ replies on Twitter because your phone is messed up. I love you guys =).

So send me lots of LOVE because Lord knows I'm gonna need it today....because (one more time for the road)...



when life gives you lemons.

Today is a bad day. You know how you get this restless feeling, like theirs a knot in your stomach that just won't untie. You get anxious about absolutely NOTHING, and you've got no idea why. Well I've been feeling like that for a couple weeks now. And now I know why.

Today I lost my job. Now in this economy that's bound to happen, but you never know how it feels until it happens to you. It sucks. It hurts. It makes you want to kick someones fucking ass. But then you take a step back, reevaluate some things, and keep it moving.

Life hasn't been giving me as many lemons as it use too. So I guess I'm due for this kick in the groin, but you know what. I refuse to lay down and feel horrible about myself. Life has given me lemons but like Atmosphere says...I'm about the pain the shit gold. Maybe this is the kick in the ass I needed to start making the name I want for myself. Maybe this is just what I needed to REALLY start working towards the type of life I want to lead. Maybe this is it....


r.i.p. missbehave magazine.

Before reading this I'd like everyone to stop and take a moment of silence. Why? Because Missbehave Magazine is no more...Yes, you read that correct. Grammatical errors aside, the girly mag most of us have come to love and look for in our mail boxes every 4 - 6 months is dead and gone...

First: My internet hero Sarah Morisson gets the axe (side eye). Second: the Editor in Chief Lesley Arfin gets the swift kick in the ass (blank stare). Third: The magazine goes digital and I get shafted out of my subscription (clutches pearls). And now Founder Samantha Moeller is leaving the magazine to tend to her budding family. Nothing wrong with that, do what you gotta do, but after reading the comments and the overwhelming amount of pure ANGER that came from some of the women on her staff (ahem Baby Sinead), I'm now forced to believe that something in the milk ain't clean.

Apparently the other blog that Sam keeps about her adventures in mommy-hood was used to set the stage for her final farewell. I understand that shit happens and businesses fold, and I know that in this economy its bound to happen more often and hurt a bit more, but DAMN, this just ain't right.



opening ceremony needs to have a seat.

Chloe Sevigny is a big girl crush of mine so when I heard that she was doing a capsule collection with Opening Ceremony I got chills. Literally. Her style is undefined so the fact that she was sharing this with the world made me extremely happy. Until about right now...

Opening Ceremony, although it's an Ok place to purchase clothing, is often times OVER PRICED. And that is an understatement. Tee from Trend Doll and I have had numerous Twitter conversations about their lack of understanding that normal people will not and can not pay upwards of $200+ for staple items that can be purchased for less than $10 at a Forever XXI Crackhouse. It's never really gotten under my skin until today.

The retail whores are selling the Chloe Sevigny buckled wedge shoe for a retarded price of $695. No you read that correct.

Dear Opening Ceremony: WHAT ARE YOU ON?!

no home training.

With life kicking me in the rear end, I haven't had much time or energy to blog like I should be. But there's nothing like a good WTF story to give me the motivation I need to put my fingers to the key board and place my two cents in the piggy bank called opinions. So here it goes...

Yesterday upon waking up late for work (again), I did my normal rounds on the bloggesphere and landed on a gem of epic proportions via The Young Black & Fabulous. The weirdest group of people EVER to be associated with one another decided to live it up and bring an animal along for the ride. While rappers Yung Joc and DMX, along with comedian Katt Williams hung out at Joc's St. Louis penthouse apartment, an argument broke out as to who would consume the last line of cocaine (EPIC SIDE EYE) the group was sharing. Katt Williams then decided to feed it to his German Shepard (blink, pause, side eye, blank stare, WTF!), and while all the shits and giggles went down, the dog decided to go ape shit and attack Yung Joc. Dude ended up having to get 72 stiches for the fuckery. And thats not even the worse part. The worse part is that this fool TWITTERED during the ENTIRE THING.

What the hell are people on...Like SERIOUSLY.

Have we really gotten to the point where we do stupid things for the sake of fun? Whoever thought it would be a good idea to give a DOG COCAINE needs to be bitch slapped ASAP. And if it was Katt Williams who made the decision, can we really trust that dude's judgment. Wasn't he the one that talked all that shit and got bitch slapped in the back of a club? Come on now....


keri hilson in lanvin kicks.

For the past year or so I've developed a facination and deep love for all things Lanvin. After meeting D.A. from Chester French and seeing him sporting some Lanvin shades last summer, I've been consumed with this brand. Being a sneaker fan and avid consumer, I'm always looking for new trends to catch my eye, and Lanvin makes kicks you cannot ignore.

Keri Hilson is a proclaimed sneaker head, and as of late I'm seeing that maybe she's the celebrity sneaker freaker we've all been waiting for. So far I've seen her in Jordans, the coveted Air Yeezys, and even the JS Winged kicks that make me and just about everyone I know drool on sight. I like how whenever I see her in photo's she doesn't ALWAYS have stillettos on, like some celebutards we all know (ahem...camel hump...pon de forehead).

Here's Keri rocking some Lanvin sneaks that retail somewhere in the thousands of dollars. Yea...what recession?


i want us to be besties.

Ladylexx from M.I.S.S. posted this on the website, and because I'm an Amanda Diva STAN, I decided to swagger jack and repost it. I feel like Amanda Diva is what I want to be. She's got her own personality, she's down to earth, tells it like it is, and keeps you laughing in the process. Please check out this interview she did with Hypebeast where Amanda talks about everything from her personal style to her thoughts on female MC's.


whatever lola wants.

Marc Jacobs is a great designer. He's also a great businessman. I'm not so sure about his fragrances...

A couple months ago I tried out his Daisy perfume because I thought the bottle was pretty. Stupid, yes indeed, but don't play me like you haven't ever bought anything because you thought it looked pretty in the bottle...Needless to say the smell didn't sit well with me and I haven't used it since. But Mr. Jacobs is slated to be releasing a new scent entitled Lola. Something tells me I'm about to make another decision and buy it not only because the bottle would look great on my vanity, but more so because who could ever pass up something named Lola.

We'll see how this goes...

fuckery friday: cassie.

I'm sure by now we've all seen or at least heard about Cassandra Ventura aka Cassie aka Assie's naked boobie and va-jay-jay photos. Some of us appreciate this fuckery (men) and then some of us see it as a blatant ploy for attention (women).

I don't know about anyone else, but if I were a celebrity (and I use that term loosely) I wouldn't have ANYONE take pictures of me in compromising situations because I'd be so petrified that shiz would get into the wrong hands. This is not a Michael Phelps situation where she didn't know what was going on or who was taking those photos, she was fully aware of WTF was going on. Taking pictures like that and keeping them on your computer is ASKING for trouble. Am I the only person that understands this?

I guess the saying is true:
'When all else fails. Do some hoe shit...'
What some people will do to sell a record KILLS me...

After all this, the truth of the matter is SHE STILL CAN'T SING...


things i want for my birthday: short hair.

The Haircut.
Now for another item I want for my upcoming birthday.

I've had short hair before, and actually prefer it because not only is it HOT and awesome, it makes me look my own age. Right now my hair is long, and I can't tell you how annoying it is to get carded FOR EVERYTHING because I look younger than I actually am. Last week at a bar I asked the bartender how old I looked after she carded me in the 3 occurrences I asked for a beer. She said I looked about 18. Not totally horrible, but I've been told worse. And when I say worse, I mean 16 years of age. WTF?! I'm almost 23!!

Saw this haircut via the All Saints website, and loved it. Yea it's reminiscent of Rihanna's popular haircut, but I don't care. She jacked that shiz from Kelis anyway...

I'm SO doing this, I've even found a great stylist who won't charge me a kidney and an arm to do it...Wish me luck!

happy birthday kp, katya, and kaypasa.

Today is my pal Katya's birthday! I love her, I've written about her numerous times, like a stalker, and it never seems to get old. She's fuggin awesome. I'm really sad I couldn't be in Ohio to surprise her like I planned, and even shed some tears because of it. But I did iChat her, and gave her a hug via my laptop Steve.

Everyone please make KP's day special and leave her birthday comments. Even if you don't know her...Ok...Thanks!

Happy Birthday KP!


not a hypebeast, why you beast for the hype?

I never knew what a Hypebeast was. I'd actually always thought it was something good, considering I really enjoy that blog named Hypebeast, it never crossed my mind that it could be so detrimental to ones reputation like that little word floating around now...ahem Hipster...

So I checked out Urban Dictionary to get the definition of this phrase, (because Urban Dictionary is totally my go to place when I need to understand what these young kids are saying now a days) and the definition is not a good one. Basically its just someone who follows trends to look cool or be given recognition. Also known as a LAME.

S0 lets all get this IC3 shirt via Karmaloop to display our distain. Great...
via Daily Drop

girl crush: Kayta Hackman

Kayta Hackman is so important you can't just call her Kayta or Hackman (although Hackman would be a totally awesome mafia name), you have to call her by her full name. She's THAT cool.

Kayta Hackman is my lover from another country, Melbourne Australia to be exact, and mirrors me in almost every way possible. She's stunning (like me), she's super creative (also, like me), and she's got smart ass commentary on EVERYTHING (totally me!). I'm excited to see her in the coming year, we're currently planning an awesome meet and greet at some far off place (think, NYC) filled with matching pen pal tattoos and Soulja Boy music. HA!

Check out Kayta at her blog 'Musings of a Madwoman' and also with me on M.I.S.S. Crew!

things i want for my birthday: oxfords

My (blank) birthday is in about 20 days, and the closer it gets the more I get questioned about what I want. Well there's a lot of things I want: world peace, to be Michelle Obama and Leighton Meester's BFF, a new car... ya know, simple things like that. For the life of me I can never verbalize what I want for special gift giving occasions because I never list anything. So for the next 20 days when I see something I want for my birthday, I'll post it. Now lets all put our hands together and pray I get this shizzz...

Now I know to some Oxford shoes aren't as cool as a pair of Air Yeezy's but one must admit these Paul Smith Cervantes women oxfords are indeed the shit. Couldn't you imagine wearing them with a super girly dress or some destroyed boyfriend jeans. OOOO Or maybe even something simple like cut offs and a tank with stacked bracelets. Oh the possibilities are endless!

Now which parent shall I ask to get me these? Hmm...

kell on earth.

If you don't watch my guilty pleasure The Hills or my even guiltier pleasure The City, then you are missing out on something fantastic. No it's not Lauryn Conrad's plethora of plaid shirts, and it isn't even Heidi and Spencers fuckery (even though that's entertaining as hell), you are missing out in the fabulous bitchiness that is Kelly Cutrone.

Kelly is the founder of fashion PR and branding company Peoples Revolution and is a notorious BADASS. Word has it she's getting her own reality show on Bravo! appropriately titled 'Kell On Earth' which will follow her around as she balances running Peoples Revoltion, being a single mother, and raising hell. No word on when the show will premiere, but I hope it's soon!

anna sui x target.

One of my favorite designers Anna Sui is slated to be the next designer to create a capsule collection for Target. I wasn't too terribly excited about the Alexander McQueen Target collection basically because all the garments looked like stuff I could find at my local Forever XXI Crackhouse. Just because a piece of clothing has a big time designers label on it, does not mean it's original people!

The collection is said to launch online and in 250 Target stores on September 13. Anna's clothes never lack originality and flair. She brings out my inner hippie goddess and I hope she brings out yours as well!

elizabeth & james x steve madden.

I'm a huge Olsen twin fan. I don't care how cracked out they look in about 90% of their photos, they are awesome and I will NEVER stop loving them. So there.

Their high end fashion line Elizabeth & James is pretty awesome despite the ridiculous prices (a plaid shirt for $200?), the garments are functional, fun and very flirty. Now the twins have teamed up with swagger shoe design jacker Steve Madden to create a collection of shoes that will be sold in a plethora of high end and low end shoe stores like Steve Madden stores, Intermix, Neimen Marcus, and Saks to name a few. The collection should hit stores in a couple of months.

A little more than excited for this to happen...

you ain't know? maestro does.

Lets have culturally aware, skateboarding, ALIFE loving, Air Yeezy wearing children. I may be broke now, but I won't be forever...CALL ME!


dear solange.

I think it's safe to say that Twitter is making me hate singers, actors, athletes and bloggers alike. These are people that I looked up too. Their music moved me, I've loved their movies, and their blogs inspire me. But twitter is f*cking up this love affair something wicked. Here's a reason why, Solange Knowles posted a question on Twitter that really got under my skin...
So I've decided to answer it:
(clears throat)

Dear Solange,
Blogs, especially trashy ones are entertainment. Yes, some retarded people take the lies that these trashy blogs spew and totally believe it, I get that. But DO YOU read cnn.com before you venture to these said blogs and scope the things they say about you? I highly doubt it.

I know that you probably don't like these blogs and some of the bullshit they speak about, but think about it Solo, any kind of publicity is good publicity, even the bad stuff. Isn't the internet and its opinions essential to your success? Sometimes people read that stuff and automatically get interested in your music, just off of basic bullshit.

So the next time you trash blogs or talk about 'stupid blogger idiots' on your twitter just remember this: some of those bloggers follow you, some of them even like your music, and your sometimes condescending tweets annoys the shit out of us. We're tired of celebrities playing us like we're idiots...

I'm just saying.

well at least she got a relaxer.

The Met Costume Gala is one of my favorite ways to star gaze. You get your favorite beautiful celebrities, your favorite beautiful designers, sprinkle it with some fuckery, and VIOLA! Masterpiece in the making.

Princess of all things awesome, Rihanna decided to use this time to let us all know that nappy mop hair she's been sporting lately did NOT get the best of her, by stepping out in this beautiful tuxedo. I'm having mixed feelings about this, but at least she got that good ol' relaxer right?

Remember kids: Fashion is what you can get away with...the bolder the better.

M.I.S.S. got a makeover!

Just in case you were living under a rock or something, I write for another online magazine called M.I.S.S. Crew, and today they unveiled their new site. Be a doll and check it out for me!

just in case you forgot.

Haven't been on the interweb for a couple of days because of my need to purge myself of it's fuckery, but I couldn't help but talk about this randomness...

In case anyone forgot...THERE IS STILL A RECESSION GOING ON...

So why the HELL is Louis Vuitton selling key chains (GASP) for $6000? What kind of fuckery is this? Is this really necessary? I know there are people who can afford this, and some that even think this is chump change, but DAMN. Talk about it...

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