whatever lola wants.

Marc Jacobs is a great designer. He's also a great businessman. I'm not so sure about his fragrances...

A couple months ago I tried out his Daisy perfume because I thought the bottle was pretty. Stupid, yes indeed, but don't play me like you haven't ever bought anything because you thought it looked pretty in the bottle...Needless to say the smell didn't sit well with me and I haven't used it since. But Mr. Jacobs is slated to be releasing a new scent entitled Lola. Something tells me I'm about to make another decision and buy it not only because the bottle would look great on my vanity, but more so because who could ever pass up something named Lola.

We'll see how this goes...


  1. i love the bottle..i mite get two just to put at either ends of my window sill


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