keri hilson in lanvin kicks.

For the past year or so I've developed a facination and deep love for all things Lanvin. After meeting D.A. from Chester French and seeing him sporting some Lanvin shades last summer, I've been consumed with this brand. Being a sneaker fan and avid consumer, I'm always looking for new trends to catch my eye, and Lanvin makes kicks you cannot ignore.

Keri Hilson is a proclaimed sneaker head, and as of late I'm seeing that maybe she's the celebrity sneaker freaker we've all been waiting for. So far I've seen her in Jordans, the coveted Air Yeezys, and even the JS Winged kicks that make me and just about everyone I know drool on sight. I like how whenever I see her in photo's she doesn't ALWAYS have stillettos on, like some celebutards we all know (ahem...camel hump...pon de forehead).

Here's Keri rocking some Lanvin sneaks that retail somewhere in the thousands of dollars. Yea...what recession?


  1. I'd give her the D. Easy

  2. im not really a fan of keri's style like that.

  3. yea sometimes she looks like she got her ass beat by a bunch of 12 year olds who love wet seal, but her sneaker game as of late has been insanity

  4. I don't think they are even that cute!



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