things i want for my birthday: short hair.

The Haircut.
Now for another item I want for my upcoming birthday.

I've had short hair before, and actually prefer it because not only is it HOT and awesome, it makes me look my own age. Right now my hair is long, and I can't tell you how annoying it is to get carded FOR EVERYTHING because I look younger than I actually am. Last week at a bar I asked the bartender how old I looked after she carded me in the 3 occurrences I asked for a beer. She said I looked about 18. Not totally horrible, but I've been told worse. And when I say worse, I mean 16 years of age. WTF?! I'm almost 23!!

Saw this haircut via the All Saints website, and loved it. Yea it's reminiscent of Rihanna's popular haircut, but I don't care. She jacked that shiz from Kelis anyway...

I'm SO doing this, I've even found a great stylist who won't charge me a kidney and an arm to do it...Wish me luck!


  1. SICK hair. When are you getting it done?

  2. in a couple weeks! eeekkk i'm excited!

  3. Good luck my friend. I just chopped mine yesterday and I feel like a whole new woman. People think I'm 17 too, until they see my boobies. Just grow a pair like mine and you'll never get carded again...LOL.

    We must swap photos after you take the plunge!

  4. yes! absolutely, I'll be asking jesus for a pair of meena boobs as we speak! lol

  5. wooo go for it girl...i think it will suit u.


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