dear solange.

I think it's safe to say that Twitter is making me hate singers, actors, athletes and bloggers alike. These are people that I looked up too. Their music moved me, I've loved their movies, and their blogs inspire me. But twitter is f*cking up this love affair something wicked. Here's a reason why, Solange Knowles posted a question on Twitter that really got under my skin...
So I've decided to answer it:
(clears throat)

Dear Solange,
Blogs, especially trashy ones are entertainment. Yes, some retarded people take the lies that these trashy blogs spew and totally believe it, I get that. But DO YOU read cnn.com before you venture to these said blogs and scope the things they say about you? I highly doubt it.

I know that you probably don't like these blogs and some of the bullshit they speak about, but think about it Solo, any kind of publicity is good publicity, even the bad stuff. Isn't the internet and its opinions essential to your success? Sometimes people read that stuff and automatically get interested in your music, just off of basic bullshit.

So the next time you trash blogs or talk about 'stupid blogger idiots' on your twitter just remember this: some of those bloggers follow you, some of them even like your music, and your sometimes condescending tweets annoys the shit out of us. We're tired of celebrities playing us like we're idiots...

I'm just saying.

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  1. trashy blogs are more entertainment than she will EVER be. she's only mad cause she attempted to sing Bjork's diddy, it sucked and she's bent because blogs 'round the world aren't feelin' it. yeah solange, that's what's up.


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