things i want for my birthday: oxfords

My (blank) birthday is in about 20 days, and the closer it gets the more I get questioned about what I want. Well there's a lot of things I want: world peace, to be Michelle Obama and Leighton Meester's BFF, a new car... ya know, simple things like that. For the life of me I can never verbalize what I want for special gift giving occasions because I never list anything. So for the next 20 days when I see something I want for my birthday, I'll post it. Now lets all put our hands together and pray I get this shizzz...

Now I know to some Oxford shoes aren't as cool as a pair of Air Yeezy's but one must admit these Paul Smith Cervantes women oxfords are indeed the shit. Couldn't you imagine wearing them with a super girly dress or some destroyed boyfriend jeans. OOOO Or maybe even something simple like cut offs and a tank with stacked bracelets. Oh the possibilities are endless!

Now which parent shall I ask to get me these? Hmm...

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