my ode to being old.

Today is my blank birthday.

Ok well I might as well tell the world, today I turn 23. Yes you saw that correct...23 aka venti-tres aka OLD. I know, I know, I look about 12, but in reality I am a grown woman with the face of a preteen. Today is going to be a good day, although I've got a mountain to climb and things to check off my to do list, today I will give thanks.

1) To God - Thanks for another year of life, hopefully you won't kick my tush as hard as you did last year, but at least I know you do it because you love me.

2) To My Parents - (Mom) for pushing so hard and giving birth to a wonder kid like me, and (Dad) for pushing and believing in me even when I didn't (and sometimes still don't) believe in myself.

3) To My Friends (the real ones) - Thanks for the drinks, the talks, the Instant Messages, and for being honest with me when no one else knew how too. You can really tell who your friends are because their the ones who remember it's your birthday and send you @ replies on Twitter because your phone is messed up. I love you guys =).

So send me lots of LOVE because Lord knows I'm gonna need it today....because (one more time for the road)...



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