r.i.p. missbehave magazine.

Before reading this I'd like everyone to stop and take a moment of silence. Why? Because Missbehave Magazine is no more...Yes, you read that correct. Grammatical errors aside, the girly mag most of us have come to love and look for in our mail boxes every 4 - 6 months is dead and gone...

First: My internet hero Sarah Morisson gets the axe (side eye). Second: the Editor in Chief Lesley Arfin gets the swift kick in the ass (blank stare). Third: The magazine goes digital and I get shafted out of my subscription (clutches pearls). And now Founder Samantha Moeller is leaving the magazine to tend to her budding family. Nothing wrong with that, do what you gotta do, but after reading the comments and the overwhelming amount of pure ANGER that came from some of the women on her staff (ahem Baby Sinead), I'm now forced to believe that something in the milk ain't clean.

Apparently the other blog that Sam keeps about her adventures in mommy-hood was used to set the stage for her final farewell. I understand that shit happens and businesses fold, and I know that in this economy its bound to happen more often and hurt a bit more, but DAMN, this just ain't right.



  1. Hmm...yeah something ain't right. They will have to go to the land of mags no more with Jane Magazine, Vibe Vixen, Teen People, and Trace...sad face.


  2. i am just so tired of thinking about it anymore. bumms me out how us as an audience didn't even get double duce on it.

  3. deuce. it's 843am. mea culpa

  4. Sam is being shady with both her staff and her readers. I posted about it over on Blogue, but to sum it up-- if you want to be a mom, great for you! At least be a f*ckin professional and inform your readers that you're giving the blog the axe! Practice what you preach Sam and rep for the ladies by going out with dignity, not shafting your subscribers and leaving us with no clue as to what's going on (other than Twitter!)

  5. Gee i totally agree, somethings is wrong with this picture. Its sad that its had to happen like this, because Missbehave was a classic, at least in my mind it was. Alot of those women I look up too, and I'm not so sure what to think. Reading those comments reallly took the wind out of my sails thats for sure.

    but I guess its true. everything that glitters ain't gold

    and i read ur blogue post!


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