opening ceremony needs to have a seat.

Chloe Sevigny is a big girl crush of mine so when I heard that she was doing a capsule collection with Opening Ceremony I got chills. Literally. Her style is undefined so the fact that she was sharing this with the world made me extremely happy. Until about right now...

Opening Ceremony, although it's an Ok place to purchase clothing, is often times OVER PRICED. And that is an understatement. Tee from Trend Doll and I have had numerous Twitter conversations about their lack of understanding that normal people will not and can not pay upwards of $200+ for staple items that can be purchased for less than $10 at a Forever XXI Crackhouse. It's never really gotten under my skin until today.

The retail whores are selling the Chloe Sevigny buckled wedge shoe for a retarded price of $695. No you read that correct.

Dear Opening Ceremony: WHAT ARE YOU ON?!

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