did i miss something?

Can someone answer this question for me? WHEN THE HELL DID SHOULDER PADS MAKE A COMEBACK?! In my daily explorations of all things fashion, I must have missed the memo that said 'Hey You...Shoulder Pads are back!'. I know Rihanna is one fashion forward maven and all, but dang, shoulder pads? Forreal?

As much as I love the 80's and early 90's the concept of shoulder pads is one idea that needs to burn in the hottest point of fashion HELL. They remind me of my mom's entire wardrobe when I was younger (shudder...), and come to think of it they also remind me of Grace Jones. Is this Rihanna's attempt to channel her inner Grace? Uhhhh lets leave the shoulder pads n stuff to Ms Jones. I think she does it better anyway...

So am I being a hater, or would you rock shoulder pads too?!


  1. Anything rihanna does is in style, & doope. lol

  2. Van i cannot agree with you on this one. Shoulder pads = GARBAGE. Period

    Now if I rocked that ish, you'd look at me like i done lost my mind...but because rihanna does it, it's alright?


  3. This is awful. There is no way in hell that shoulder pads are stylish. Just awful!

  4. she looks good, but i wudnt go there!

  5. I think it only looks
    good on certain outfits & people
    ,I dont think yourbeing
    a hater , i totaly agree.
    however i wouldent dare wear shoulderpads,
    that style was hot befor i was even born.:P


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