jeremy scott x adidas fall 09' preview.

Jeremy Scott and Adidas have dropped some preview pictures of J. Scott's Fall 09' collection for the sneaker brand. I must say, this stuff reminds me of the late 80's early 90's something fierce. But I love it none the less.
From the looks of it the line is only going to be available at selected retailers across the globe. Just another reason for me to dip out of the states and never come back. Sigh...

So, do we love it?!
via STREEThing


  1. I love it.I think this is the best collaboration Adidas has done yet. I so bdaly want the winged sneakers they have released the adidas jumper in that picture on the left is hot!!I think I need to win the lotto quick!

  2. those damn wing shoes are $330 on eBay. I need the lottery too gurl!

  3. OMG i ffing love thiss!! what is JS doing to us!!


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