girl crush: Rachel Tran.

So for the next couple of editions of my unofficial 'Girl Crush' column, I've decided to profile some of my closest friends, blogging pals, or just women I'm totally crushing on style wise. Here's the first one...

Rachel Tran otherwise known as Rachie Pie is one of the illest dressed women I've seen in awhile. She hails from London and is one of my fellow writers on M.I.S.S. Crew. I admire her fashion sense and her ability to wear kicks, or 'trainers' to you Londonites, with girly chic clothing and come out looking spectacular. Her sneaker game is off the hook! Just check for yourself on her blog Leopard Print & Lace. Rachie Pie your my hero!
Rachel you're on to big and bright things! I can feel it!!!
Ok. Homo moment over lol...


  1. awww wow thats so sweet :-D thank you thank you, kind words!!Ms. D, you do know how to make a gal feel good!Thanks for the faith also, I see you doing big things too, miss "i write on 10 million blogs/websites with my 10 hands"!!!

  2. she is a cutie pie! love her blog and her style..

  3. I agree
    her blogg is pretty
    dope, her style is madd creative
    and classy, not much girls can pull off
    her style like she dose it.


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