way to stick to em'

Rihanna got a new tattoo ya'll!

I'm a huge fan of RiRi's tattoo game, I've got a bunch myself, but this just seems a bit...eh...over the top maybe? Rihanna we all know you're bad ass and all, but dang, a gun?! I hate guns, with a passion...once my friend told me she wanted me to go to a shooting range with her and I damn near stopped being her friend. My distain for firearms is right up there with my loathing of liars...

So do we love it?!


  1. I like it, seems like she's trying to make a subtle statement. But you, what do you got?!

  2. i have 'mi futuro es brilliante' on my back (my future is bright en espanol), courage on my wrist, a dove on my ankle, my dads bday in roman numerals on my rib cage and I'm getting another one this weekend...lol

    i'm crazy!

  3. this is stupidness!! her mind is gone mad!

  4. heyy.

    you do know that gun isn't real, right? [sheesh.]


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