jf & son: fall winter collection.

I love how women's streetwear isn't just defined as a bunch of rude tee's and ill kicks anymore. It can also be classified as fashion forward cut and sewn pieces like the ones produced by JF & Son creators Katie King and Jeese Finklestein. Check out my favorite pieces from their Fall/Winter 2009 collection below. The collection in my opinion is oozing with a lady like sophistication that screams edgyness!
Check out JF & Son HERE


  1. This line has officially killed me. Bliss. I love my kicks but cut & sew lines are more my thing. I like heels and skirts and sequins, glitter, prints blah blah blah. OH, and I have massive news but its a secret. Once I can unveil this secret I plan on making you blog about it. HAHA.

  2. damnit kayta! i hate secrets! lol


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