when all you can do is sigh.

Look what I found on Twitter today...

In case you think your eyes are playing nasty tricks on you, you'll notice that the picture of the half bald chick is indeed Cassie 'Diddy's ball tickler' Ventura (that was mean, but I couldn't help it). She's got a new hair cut...Uhhh yea, I don't really get it. I'm all for reinventing ones self and not giving a fuck about what other people say, but something about the drastic changes I've seen in some celebs just doesn't sit well with me. Seems like now a days people don't focus on improving and allowing their art to speak for them, they rely on gimmicks to get press (good or bad) and go from there. She's beautiful regardless, but really? REALLY?

Not so sure about this. Dare to be different...I guess.
What do you guys think?!


  1. I think on a right person it would look good you have to have a sort of personality to carry it off… For me she doesn’t have it!


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