fuck a recession. dreams are limitless.

During all the studying, the struggling, the grinding I do on a regular basis my one goal and objective has been to move to New York and get my foot in the business of writing. About what? Fashion, entertainment, music, art, whatever. I've got so many dreams it's hard to keep up with them, but one dream that has never ever wavered is my undying love of all things NYC and this one little goal I have of making it there.

I know it seems a bit far fetched, but in my world if I can make it there I can make it just about anywhere. NY Mag has an article about why people are moving to one of the most expensive city's to live in during this asshole of a recession. And I think I have the answer...

When I told my Dad I wanted to move to New York he asked me why. Why can't I write in a city like Pittsburgh, Chicago, or California for all intents and purposes. And I told him this: New York is like a big boiling pot of opportunity. Its the only place where I've felt ANYTHING is possible. It's just about the only place I've traveled to where people are 100% open to different cultures and lifestyles, which is important to me because sometimes where I live people just don't seem to get what I'm about. That part sucks. People sometimes aren't open minded enough to accept or even embrace being different or living outside the boxes life sometimes places around us. New York gets me, and damnit I'm going to get New York. Even if the shit kills me...

Fuck a recession. Dreams are limitless...


  1. I'll move there with you.

  2. Its funny I read this because I have been thinking on whether I should transfer to fashion school in NYC after I finish the fashion school here in ATL. I feel like New York will whip me into shape, and put me on my design game, but then I keep thinking...what if the rotten apple chews me up and spit me out? My parents are New Yorkers so they know what its like, and Im deciding on whether i should move back to find out.


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