Let me first and foremost begin this post by saying that I am in no way shape or form a Beyonce hater. Even though about 40% of her music moves me, I still believe in the power that is Sasha Fierce. Now that that's aside I will proceed with my laughter...

I guess today the Today show decided to leak audio of Beyonce which happens to be SUPER unflattering. And my unflattering I mean horrible. And by horrible I mean WTF?! Yea check out the video below of Queen B singing 'If I Were A Boy' and then proceed to pick up your face off the dirty ground.

Yes, it's THAT bad...


  1. NOOOOoooooo! i refuse to believe it, that is not serious!!!!im sorryyy this is so bad.shes taking the piss right!!having a joke....

  2. lol, just read the youtube commenst...phew!

  3. I'm sorry I couldn't listen to the entire video that was sooooo horrible like....WTF????????


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