girl crush: ana ortiz & america ferrara.

Being that I'm a woman of mixed heritage, it always gives me a thrill to see women of all shapes, colors, and sizes given a chance to be role models to average everyday plain jane's like myself. 

Ana Ortiz and America Ferrara both star in one of my favorite shows Ugly Betty. I have an intense obsession with both of these women for various different reasons. 

Ana is beautiful and her character Hilda on UB reminds me of my fast talking, finger snapping, head twisting, smart mouth Aunt Rosalie. The best line off a Ugly Betty episode was when Betty was having a hard time getting her roommate Amanda to pay rent, so Hilda tells Betty all she has to do is tell the chick: 'Bitch...where's my rent?". Now can you tell why I like this chick so much? Straight gangsta and too the mutha friggin point. Classic.

America Ferrara is amazing because she's not a size 2 and STILL is extremely beautiful. Which makes me and a whole boat load of other women I know, exhale with ease because there exists a woman who doesn't look like every other stick figure actress, but is still holding her own. 

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  1. Oh my, I love that you posted these two women, I'm a big fan of them too! :))


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