obama is not playin.

The Obamiator never ever EVER ceases to amaze me. He's the most awesome President of not only my lifetime, but of my parents, and grandparents as well. Every day I try to read up on what's going on in our nation, especially with the recession killing jobs and my bank account. Every time I read the paper, watch the news, or read political blogs, I get excited about the difference Pres Obama is making which in turn makes me want to get off my ass and do some good!

Obama's latest effort in jump starting this wack economy has impressed me the most. Right after signing The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act last tuesday, the White House created Recovery.gov, a website which will be open to all Americans so that we can see exactly where the hell our hard earned tax dollars are going.

It doesn't end there! In an effort to maintain full accountability and transparency in this administration, the President is also creating the Recovery Act Transparency & Accountability Board which will be headed up by Earl E. Davaney a former fraud investigator and white collar crime investigator for the Secret Service.

The Obaminator is on the move, trying to make this world a better one for us to live in...I'm so excited!

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