this is sad.

I'm not even going to dignify this post with the picture of Rihanna's injuries. What I'll do is let you all click HERE to see it yourself. This shit is ignorant on so many levels. I'm not one to take sides but shit shouldn't have to get to this level. This is why I let shit roll off my back, because when you let your anger consume and take over that logical portion of your brain, SHIT GETS CRAZY.

Ladies, never let a man do this to you, and men, never be a bitch and do this shit to a lady.

Chris Brown is OFFICIALLY on some R. Kelly type shit.

Sidenote: I said 'shit' like 12 times lol

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  1. wow...i completely agree that what cb did was way out of line. a man should never lay palms on a female no matter what the situation is.

    but...r. kelly? not by miles.


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