way to get your balls back.

Apparently Chris Brown has felt the need to speak out ya'll...

According the the NYPost, Chris Brown changed his status today on CrackBook. I guess the guy just couldn't stay quiet any longer while his name was ran over tracker trailer style. I can't blame him for wanting to bust out and clear his name. If there is anything I hate worse in the world it's being called a liar when I know I'm not.

C Breezy updated his facebook status stating "You'll be seeing her true colors. Believe it!". Hmmm and I wonder...

I'm telling you guy's there are two sides to EVERY story. You can never judge a book by it's cover. Has anyone every peeped the DEATH STARES Rihanna gives the paps. I mean I've seen pictures of celebs looking kinda irritated but damn girl. She looks like she would kill a hoe (for real.)

Read the NYPost article and let me know what you all think. It kinda made me question the media, especially when their most credible source is listed as Media Takeout, who's known for making information up all the time. It also angered me that they described CB as a troubled star, and Rihanna a Barbadian Beauty (question marks and blank stares all around).

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