damn you recession. part 2.

Dear Recession, 

I know that it's probably been a little hard for you, ya know, shitting on our society and completely taking over our economy & stuff. I understand. 

I get the fact that you're causing people to sell their houses and cars, and lose their jobs & stuff. I understand that as well...

There's just something I cannot wrap my mind around. 

WHY THE HELL IS MY FAVORITE STREETWEAR BOUTIQUE CLOSING?! Have you lost yo damn mind? Where the hell am I going to buy Hellz Bellz, Claw $$$, MOB, Insight, In4mation, Darkhorse, Kid Robot, Made Me, and 10 Deep? Karmaloop? 

Look Recession, buying streetwear via the internet pisses me off. I hate paying for shipping and I'm impatient. No I do not live in New York, nor can I afford to visit that city more than twice a year. I don't have the luxury of walking out of my 5th floor walkup and BAM! there's the Bape store...this is Pittsburgh. That shit don't happen here. 

Next time  you want to take the ONLY establishment that sells the shit I love outta the equation...please see me first. So I can slap the shit outta you!

Love Always, 
Deezzz Nutz

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