the internet does this no justice.

Went downtown after class yesterday with my good pal Taneeka to do some hardcore window shopping and catch up with one another. We ended up at Saks Fifth Ave to look at all the pretty designer duds we can't afford, and on our way to the nearest sales rack we passes the Louis Vuitton counter. Normally I just walk right past because, quite frankly, I can't even AFFORD to look at LV. It makes my bank account quiver with anxiety every time I even think about looking. I'm broke. I can't afford it. 

Anyway this time I had to stop. Not because of the classic LV monogram, or because of the mirror handbags, but because of one thing, and one thing only: the Stephen Sprouse Collection. 

The pictures of this collection do no justice to how beautiful it is in person. The colors are much more vivid, and you can tell how much detail went into designing this collection. I almost cried into a graffiti wallet until I saw the price on that sucker: $545!  Too bad I can't afford to even breath around it....

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  1. window shopping................story of my life. haha


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