dear god: thank you.

Yay goooodddd day!
Today's the first day I could hold down a smidgen of food since Friday (thanks so much Eat n Park. Smh). Checked my email and found this little gem from my friend who happens to be obsessed with Nylon magazine, and I wanted to share it with you all =).

Nylon has teamed up with Nike Sportswear and created a collection of neon colored high tops that makes me want to scream with delight. Being that this is Fashion Week the magazine has given a couple pairs of these shoes to a few magnificent ladies to sport around NYC in and create some hype (think Leigh Lezarkin Bryant Park). Being that this is the 10th Anniversary of Nylon being in circulation, these spectacular won't be available for commoners to buy until April, which is the end of the mags anniversary.

Is anyone else excited about this or is it just me?


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