metro chic.

Metro Chic take me awayyyyyyy...

Gray nails fascinate me. I've been looking all season for the perfect shade of gray to compliment my skin tone. Too light makes my nails look fake (they are, but still), and too dark washes out my already dark skin (Ok, it's not that dark, but still). 

O.P.I. for Sephora's Metro Chic is gray with a hint of purple, is quite possibly the only gray I haven't attempted to try yet, but seems like the most appealing. MAC has a gray nail polish from their Hello Kitty line that's pretty nice, but my past experiences with MAC nail stuff hasn't been that great so I'm not venturing down that road again. 

I know everyone is probably completely over this shade of gray, but I don't care. Never got the chance to rock it for myself so guess what color I'll be getting my nails done tomorrow. You betcha! 

We'll see how this goes. This color looks so good on lighter skin tones, so I'm not at all sure what it'll look like on me...Hmmm.

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