hello kitty x mac cosmetics

What a great surprise! 
The Hello Kitty x MAC line dropped today, and it's all types of amazing.  I'd completely forgotten about this collaboration due to the fact that I have the memory capacity of an ant, but today in while browsing through Macy's I got the surprise of my life! 

The first thing I like to think about when faced with the opportunity to purchase makeup, is if I'll actually ever get around to wearing the stuff. With clothes I can rationalize with myself. If it's cheap, it's no big deal, but if it's expensive I have to think about how much I actually like the item. Cosmetics is a whole other ball game. I use to get caught up in buying makeup that I'd never get around to wearing. Not cool. 

So when I checked out all the products in the Hello Kitty line, although everything is fun and fabulous, I could only find about 3 products I'd actually consider wearing. The foundation hues of the collection seem to be centered around pinks, lavendars, teal, silver and white. With the exception of lavender, those colors DO NOT look good on me. Trust me, I've tried. 

With all that being said, I know the Hello Kitty line is going to be uber successful, but being an informed consumer, I know that it's definitely not for me. 

See pictures below:

Pics via Temptalia

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