bitch stole my swag.

This post is dedicated to the men I use to love, and the ladies that have sucked the swag right outta them (clears throat).

Ladies, have you ever encountered a guy that you thought was just the cutest/sexiest creature you'd ever laid eyes on? He's got the looks, seems really nice and all, but theirs just one problem: he starts dating a girl and suddenly he doesn't seem appealing anymore. I've had this happen to me twice this year. My case study of this problem is below.

Case Study #1: Rihanna & Chris Brown

I use to like Chris Brown. Rather, I use to think he was a cute little thing that could sing me to sleep. I'm not 12 anymore so he's not a sex symbol to me, but he was a cutie. When I first got wind of Chris & Rihanna's 'friendship' I thought 'wow that's kinda cute in a teeny bopper kinda way'. Progressively my opinion of these two worsened. Don't get me wrong, I like them both individually, just not together. Rihanna's star power over shines poor Chris's it's sickening to watch. Just from the pictures I've seen of the two of them together, it always seems like she's got the balls in the relationship. A lack of balls in my opinion = a lack of swag. Burnt.

Case Study #2: Kim Kardashian & Reggie Bush

I semi-like Kim Kardashian. I use to LOVE Reggie Bush. Then they got together and I stopped liking both of them. Reggie use to be appealing because he was young, he was fine, and he was fine...I said that already, but you get it. When he got with Kim K, a part of my heart broke because she seems like someone who's got the looks but definatiely not the brains. Have you guys SEEN Keeping Up with the Kardashians?! She seems like an airhead that is completely into their looks and has no substance what so ever. That just makes Reggie seem like an idiot that doesn't like a good brain. And not liking a good brain in a woman = swaglessness. Epic BOOOOOO!

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