umm. i don't think so.

Apparently Beyonce has been tapped to play the great Angela Davis. Now I know there are Beyonce stans everyone that would gladly stand up and shout from the roof tops how wonderful this news is, but luckily for me I have a mind of my own, and don't find this information appealing AT ALL. 

I'm sorry, I dig ol' Bey just like the next 'single lady', but I'm not going to be supporting her in this role. She sucked in Austin Powers, she was Ok in Dreamgirls, and I'm not even trying to see her thriller Obsessed. And as much as I liked her in Cadillac Records, I'm still not sold that she has enough depth to play someone as influential as Angela Davis. 

I'm a little tired of people handing Beyonce these amazing roles like she's a Oscar nominated actress or something. First Etta James...Ok. Then I hear about someone wanting her to play Eartha Kitt and the little voice in the back of my head was screaming 'for real?'. And now this. I feel like there are plenty of amazing actresses that could probably pull Angela Davis off AND win an Academy Award for it. Taraji P. Henson, Halle Berry, shit even Nia Long could pull it off. This to me is just another reminder that talent obviously doesn't matter. Smh.

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