I was at work today and was kindly informed that apparently Beyonce and Etta James are involved in a beef with one another. 

WTF?! Dude, are you serious?

So I listened to the audio and I'm being so honest when I tell you that I was a little surprised at the foolish craze this rumor has created. Ms. James didn't approve of Beyonce singing her song to Barack & Michelle Obama on Inauguration night, so she told her audience that she was going to whoop Beyonce's ass. Inappropriate. Ms. James not only went in on good ol' Bey, she also added her two cents on President Obama stating "He ain't my President. Thats your president..." Check the audio HERE:

Now I think everyone has at least a small annoyance with Beyonce if you're not a complete stan. I'm actually involved in a love/hate relationship with her at the present moment, seeing as I really don't want to like her music but can't help but too. Other than that I have no problem with her. I do not worship at her altar. I do not care what she wears or who she hangs with. If I saw her on the street I'd be surprised, but not awe struck. She's just not my thing ya know? Anyway I think Ms. James was being  a little inappropriate in what she said. Not approving of our President, fine, not approving of Beyonce, fine, but shouldn't those opinions be kept to yourself? Am I wrong or am I right?

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