this is old. but i don't care.

Love love LOVE this song. One of my favorites from her album. Has been on heavy rotation on my favorite playlist from my iPod since this summer.

Solange Knowles - T.O.N.Y

I really really REALLY like this chick. And it's definitely not because she's Beyonce's sister, because I'm not that big of a Beyonce fan AT ALL (not really my thing). I just enjoy how she's willing to take risks and actually does her own thing despite the opinions of others. It would be nice if she was a little more approachable or personable though. I know its got to be hard to get out from under her sister's larger than life shadow, but this tough girl act is killing me. To be honest if I saw her and Beyonce on the street I'd be more inclined to speak to Bey rather than reach out and express my support to Solo. Just because I'd be scared the bitch might cuss my ass out.

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