yo people are mad crazy.

What a way to start the day. (blank stare)

A bakery in New York is officially trippin. The Lafayette French Pastry Bakery in Greenwich Village is capitalizing on our new President by making 'Drunken Negro Face Cookies' (no joke). I guess the bakery owner thought it would be funny and figured EVERYONE would enjoy this fuckery, but the world is definitely not smiling right now dude.

Unfortunately the offensive cookie is not the end of this tragic story. Apparently the owner has been seen using the 'N' word obsessively, making offensive remarks about Obama AND hinting about an assasination. (WTF?!).

Pardon me, but I thought people would finally get the message after the inauguration went down. It's like people don't wanna let go of the fact that this man WON! Lets get free people. For real this time...

via Concrete Loop

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