just 4 kicks.

I. love. kicks.
Anyone that knows me, knows that I like to think I'm a little sneaker enthusiast. I love the way they feel, all the colorways and styles...I swear if I had all the money in the world I'd do 3 things: 1) Buy a shit load of Chuck Taylor's in every color imaginable (especially the vintage leather ones I missed out on) 2) Buy every single vintage pair of Air Jordan 1's in every size and sell those bitches, and finally 3) Start my own streetwear/sneaker boutique. But sweet Jesus didn't give me cash like that, so until I can grind it out to be able to afford those luxuries I'll continue to drool @ Sneaker Freaker and Nice Kicks and spend my paychecks on kicks instead of getting my phone fixed (who needs a phone anyway when some new J's are about to be released for $190?).

Just got done watching this sweet ass documentary called 'Just For Kicks' about this beautiful sneaker phenomenon that has taken over my life and imagination. It's posted below. Hope you get a sec to check it out and get educated!

"If your shoes slip or slide, get the ones with the star on the side..."
Gotta Love those Chucks!

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