an open letter to ann coulter.

Dear Ann,

I know that in the past I haven't been the most open minded person walking this earth. There are times where I judge others, and times where I don't care enough to do that. There are times when I act stereotypical to the color of my skin, and times where I want to beat the shit out of someone that stereotypes me for the color of my skin. Ya see where I'm going with this?

We as humans are full of contradictions. We are complex beings. I get it. But you, Ann Coulter, you seem to stay the same year in and year out. You, my friend, are what I like to call, a close minded insensitive BITCH.

Yes I said what everyone with half a brain wants to say. I'm saying what single African American mothers want to say when they hear you spouting bullshit about how ALL the problems with this shitty country lie on their shoulders alone. Like it isn't hard enough raising a child by themselves, you've got to be the one to lay, not some, but ALL the blame on their over burdened shoulders.

Ann Coulter I wish that you could live just 1 day as a black woman in America. Not as a single mother raising children and working a shitty job (because quite frankly I don't think you'd be able to take it), but I wish that you could get the chance to walk around and see what it's like. Maybe then you'll be able to see for yourself that we're human beings...and not animals.

Kindly Yours,
An Educated Broke BLACK College Student.

This video gets me every time lol

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