my president is black.

Best video I've seen in a long time. This song made me cry like a bitch election night. God I love me some Barack Obama and I cannot WAIT until we help out as Americans and change the face and perception of our country on the world stage. This is definitely a change everyone can believe in.

Jeezy feat. Nas - My President is Black

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  1. ok there is so much to say about this video and song:
    1. The White people are the crunkest ones in the video. I love it, check out homeboy at the 3:29 mark.
    2.I like the point of the song...but why is his lambo relevant? That means I can make a song "My president is black/my boobies are huge/and i'll be damned if my diamonds aren't too..
    3.Shout out to the random black men steppin..they were choppin it up real slow motion style


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